Source: Doja Cat QUITS Music Career AGAIN & Says Music is DEAD: UNFOLLOW ME

Doja Cat is quitting the music business after she goes back and forth with fans in Paraguay, South America.

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47 thoughts on “Doja Cat QUITS Music Career AGAIN & Says Music is DEAD: UNFOLLOW ME

  1. Hahahahahhaa this information is so wrong, all this thing started because she tweeted that no one was waiting for her outside her hotel, and said "let this sink in" she was upset because no one was waiting for her the next day, no one was mad at her for cancelling the show, I was there in the rain and her fans were singing her songs praising her, and then she said that no one was waiting for her? Dude the shole city was destroyed, we were at risk of death out there, it was the worse storm in years, and after all of that, her fans were outside her hotel hoping to see her, and nothing, and the next day she took her fans for liars, and said "let this sink in" and then she erased the tweet, at least she have to own her words and not deleted and play the victim after

  2. Apparently the fans in Paraguay were mad at her because she was mad about them not going to the airport when she left, but they couldn't because of the storm.
    The concert was cancelled because of the storm, so they are not mad because of the cancelation , they are mad because she was like "why are you not here when I'm leaving?" But she's didn't say anything when they were there the day before in the hotel, she didn't say hi to them or something, i understand, maybe she was tired, but when the fans where not there after the freaking storm she went mad on them, that's the problem… And then everything was a mess after her tweets and so…
    At least that's my understanding for what I read from fans in Twitter.


  4. She sound like she is under a lot of pressure!! Take a mental break from everybody!! and everything! Life is precious but short!! Live your life!!!!!!

  5. Music needs to be less pornographic! If she quits please let her take saweety with her. She is talented and it's unfortunate that talented musicians have to compete with untalented porn stars. I feel for her and hope that she gets the help she needs.. Bless her!

  6. Doesn't make a difference to me. I don't hate her but I also don't care for her music… she sounds like Minni Mouse trying to rap. 😆😅🤣😂😛

  7. She’s complaining from sympathy and too create a narrative where ppl come to defense… smart.. it’ll be good in case she ever has to deal w cancel culture, don’t fall for this, or do lol but it’s all planned. It’s to also move attention to certain things like her recent concert, and to get ppl to be like “no it was amazing”

  8. Doja you're it right now, the best out there. Don't let the Fame get into your head. Keep giving us the good music we wanna here, go to an Island, get recharge and refreshed, and keep it coming. I suggest ARUBA, my go to ISLAND.

  9. Well she made it in the industry her mission is accomplished let the girl live we have 2 great albums from her thats all we need and if she quits she quits if she comes back she comes back. Life goes on.

  10. I do not like this girl. I still believe she is very racist and self-hating. And NO she is not actually quitting. She's is simply an attention-whore like the rest!

  11. She moo'd her way in and now struggling. You could tell she was seeking a way in around that time in her life. Now she's here and it's been nothing but controversy.

    She should assess her life with a trusted professional that is not linked to the industry in any capacity.

  12. Dojo cat is feeling the pressure she doesnt need it. People dont know what goes into the music industry behind the scenes. Turn to the Lord he knows best its too many mind games in that industry.

  13. Were not angry over a cancelled concert.. She went to a bar and asked staff not to look her in the eyes, she didnt make a single effort to greet fans or even see any once She liked classist tweets talking down on Paraguay and the storm was so bad streets were flooded 1-3 feet high fans were waiting and not a single post anywhere Greeting the country that welcomed her with open arms for DAYS nothing not a single mention picture story anything, were not animals were people at least try to translate what were complaining about before jumping to her defense

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