Source: E-CIG EXPLOSIONS!!! – What The News Doesn't Tell You

This video is for people 21+. Some of the products used in this video may contain nicotine.

Twitter​​​​​​​​ In this video I try to bring a little more clarity to the subject of electronic cigarettes blowing up. There has been quite a few news stories lately about exploding vapes, but they only tell you part of the story. I also talk about the step you can take to insure you are using vapor products safely.

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33 thoughts on “E-CIG EXPLOSIONS!!! – What The News Doesn't Tell You

  1. No one should ever be using a mech mod unless they understand and can use Ohms Law … and (basic) battery safety issues (battery mooch)
    Mech Mod should not be available to those who cannot demonstrate their competence in such matters … simples!

  2. Some guy near where I live bought a sub ohm tank along with a mechanical mod, everyone and I mean EVERYONE Told him not to use them together, what'd he do? Use them together, where'd he end? In the fucking hospital, luckily he didn't get hurt badly, but man.. it's dumb

  3. The real problem is that 18650 cells and such aren't meant to be used like that, they're meant to be used with a protection circuit. Not just put into a device with a protection circuit but like they should never be handled by a consumer without a protection circuit already attach. They're not batteries, they're power cells, they were never meant to be used as batteries and so when you do, it's incredibly dangerous.

  4. I have an addictive personality and want a vape-like device, but without the nicotine because I have heard that it can easily get addictive. I have stumbled across caffeine vapes that are nicotine-free and think that that might be a good sub for vapes that DO have nicotine present. (Obviously no where near the same effects but I'm not trying to have a huge kick off of it.) I am a complete novice on this whole vaping thing, so do you have any recommendations?

  5. Has anyone heard from a fire or something weird by removing the protection circuit? I got new batteries but they come with the top head and it does not fit the Mod (Smok Morph 219)
    I wonder if I can vape for a day and get new batteries tomorrow

  6. I've also noticed that some of the 18650s that i have are wrapped in the cheapest and thinnest possible material. These 18650s are clearly not designed to be "handled", they are probably meant for computer equipment, but you can find these cheap 18650s at vape shops with a clerk touting how great they are and that you should buy them. These ultra-cheap wrappings can tear and expose metal in less than a month of usage, or <30 removals and replacements. The releaux you held up is a great example of a mod that I own that tears battery wraps, if those wraps are thin and cheap. I've seen sparks fly out of mine while inserting batteries, before I realized how important it is to inspect the battery every time, and especially get that battery double-wrapped. I get every battery double-wrapped, and i only buy the ones that come with a high quality wrapping to begin with.

  7. Im not scared using full mech.. i always check my battery wrap before using it.. i started vaping using mech mod in 2014.. i always ask the shop on coils i.e how many loops on that specific wire and i always ask the diameter.. they always gave me the answer of 24g or 26g fc on 5 loops in 3mm guide and thats a dual coil.. i havent got any bad experience on vaping.. i always check the battery before putting it in my mod and i always check my coils if they touch the base of my atty.. i know how mech mod works so i have to make sure that im all set.. better be safe than sorry.. 🤣🤣

  8. i have previously owned a smok GX350, i didnt know much about vaping i just wanted to get off of cigs. that mod holds 4 batteries so my friend lended me two more. little did i know, the protective wrapping was torn. i was vaping on it and it got really hot thank god it didnt explode but the battery latch would not open because the batteries expanded, i had to pry it off with a screw driver and hammer i swear it was the scariest shit. im going back to cigs

  9. Alright so it also might happpen when you have bought a battery from a Chinese or other off brand websites! Original good batteries are really safe most of the times!

    It may also happen when you dont treat the batteries with respect! if you abuse your batteries they will fuck you over!

    It can also happen on faulty batteries!
    and when you have a damage on the batteries!

    Buy your batteries from a quality brand like samsung( it also produces batteries for tesla and other big brands)
    It may not be that cheap! Its tempting to buy a battery off of wish but trust me the extra 2$ to put into buying a battery is well worth it!

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