Source: E! News Asia Special: Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis lights up the small screen across Asia with her very own E! News Asia Special: Anne Curtis. The global destination for pop culture and the leader in entertainment news is bestowing Anne the highest celebrity honor by dedicating an entire special to her.

The 28-year-old Anne is the first Filipina celebrity to have a special on E!

The 30-minute E! News Asia special premiered last Sept. 29, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. on SkyCable Channel 57, Cignal Channel 25 and Cablelink Channel 33. (Philippines)

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35 thoughts on “E! News Asia Special: Anne Curtis

  1. This woman has it. Her beauty isn’t just your average type of generic beautiful. I mean in a sense, they literally are, but when you hear her talk, you get a real glimpse of her inner self. And through that, she just spews such positive, innocent almost aura. It’s weird but yea, her hotness isn’t the type typical men wants to just ravage in bed, she seems like the type you just wanna take care of and treat with respect and kindness… she seems very straight forward and sincere and in tuned with almost everyone around her. I know she’s the real deal because hundreds of others interviewed throughout every medium and everyone showers this person with nothing but praises. I mean for someone who has literally been dealing with nth amount of people on a daily basis, I’d yet heard any press on her acting up in any negative way.

  2. I remember the maagic ball durring when shes has ALWAYS there to atend and she is the most actress who win and 3 x pinasunod sunod ang pgpanalo na khit mga kbataan ngaung na mga actress d nila mpapantayan ang gnun bcz no one can better than to anne curtis

  3. You DESERVE it to have your dream to come true bcz you are good person and honest producer they just dying to fond you to pease you bcz anne curtis i'll have so many timex to say that she have totally different than to other woman even she is not good singer but she sing and she admit that THAT'S why we love anne so

  4. I realized now how the public barged to her life too much, to the point now where the lovely girl who loves her fans and would want them to be with her journey, has kept her long-time relationship private, even up to getting married. She was so "traumatized" to a relationship being too public, as to where the pressure became heavier. Now, she's happily married, has a lovely daughter, and though she shares only glimpses of her daily life being a darling wife and a lovable mother, she's happy. She's out of the public's eyes, she's not followed everywhere, and she's glad for it. And as a fan, I may want to see her life, but I think she made that decision one of the best that she could do in her life.

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