Source: E-Trikes Livelihood Program in Manila Motoring News

One-by-one, city governments are indeed taking advantage of the wonder of electric vehicles while also helping the residents.

Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada recently distributed the first 50 units of electric tricycles to driver beneficiaries of the E-trike Livelihood Program in Binondo.
The first batch of beneficiaries was residents of District 3, which also covers Quiapo, San Nicolas, and Santa Cruz. The area has been chosen as the pilot site of for the project.

“Principally, the objective is to support the clean air act or the clean air program of the national government.”

The city implements the “boundary-hulog” system wherein E-trikes drivers-owners have to pay P150 boundary daily for five years directly to the Office of the City Treasurer.

“What’s gonna happen with the project is after choosing the beneficiaries, and awarding the e-trike, they will have to take the amortization for the unit. So after na ma-fully paid yung e-trike through the boundary nga, it will be turned over to them.”

E-trikes are allowed to carry a maximum of 6 passengers, with the fare cost of P20 each. The drivers-owners can operate as early as 5 in the morning and as late as 11 in the evening. The city government also subsidizes the cost of charging of the e-trikes’ batteries. The City of Manila aims to procure more units of the e-trikes to gradually replace fuel-run tricycles.

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