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Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores.

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Since Kimberly flowers He participated in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ and showed quite compromising attitudes towards the actor Roberto Romano, Edwin moon has been the victim of strong accusations and ridicule within social networks, where users have been in charge of repeatedly assuring that he was a victim of infidelity.

That is why the singer again faced the scandal and responded to those who called him “El Venado”, referring to “the horns” that his wife, the influencer originally from Guatemala, would have put on him.

It was in one of the most recent publications on his official Instagram profile, where the leader of the Trkalosa de Monterrey replied to a strong comment with which they tried to make fun of him, but this time he did not remain silent and responded with everything .

And the message was made in a series of photographs of the couple, who appeared posing at a music festival held a few days ago in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

Do not tell me the deer on the corner THE DEER“Wrote a fan in the publication in which Kimberly and Edwin posed in front of the camera hugging as well as very smiling.

However, far from responding with any lack of respect, Edwin Luna took the comment with a sense of humor and assured that this is a song that he already knew and even sang it several years ago.

That’s already my favorite song. In fact, since morrillo he sang it. It has to be a TikTokLuna said.

In addition to the comments in which they pointed out the behavior of the model on the Telemundo reality show, there were many who criticized them for the tight white dress with sequins that she decided to wear for the event.

You are very well dressed and elegant but your wife is not well dressed for the occasion“,”What outfit for Rosa Aurora“,”The very pretty lady. But not her earrings“,”That dress was not appropriate for that event but hey, she likes to show off and the class does not have“These are just a few messages that were sent to you in the comments section.

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