Translated From: “El Sol de México” reappears with a new image after its alleged problems…

Discovered on: 2022-01-20 22:30:40

After suffering some health problems derived from an operation on his left shoulder, Luis Miguel reappeared in public during his visit to Miami.

“The Sun of Mexico” was photographed by several people and was seen sporting a rejuvenated and modern look.

The images were taken inside a Miami restaurant and the interpreter of La unconditional posed with a person whose identity is unknown until now, since the photograph was cut.

However, this was not the only appearance of “El Sol de México”, since An image of the 51-year-old Mexican singer was also revealed accompanied by an alleged seller of a luxury car agency.

Luis Miguel posed for the camera with dark glasses and a dark blue suit accompanied by a white shirt, and according to his followers he could be seen better than ever.

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The new image of the renowned singer caused a sensation among his followers, since he can be seen with a fresh look and in good physical condition.

Likewise, fans of “El Sol de México” assure that the Mexican interpreter looks thinner and has a new hair style.

“Just like younger, I don’t think so, but he does look fresher and happier”, “As gorgeous as ever”, “It’s beautiful, it’s perfect”, “Yes, it looks better !!”, “All a hottie”, were some of the encouraging comments from the singer’s followers.

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These photos, which instantly went viral, were published on the Instagram account of Luis Miguel Coka, a boy who dreams of being a singer and defines himself as a fan of the work of “El Sol de México”.

The images of Luis Miguel contrast with the most recent news about his state of health, since a few weeks ago information was leaked that assured that “El Sol de México” was going through a complicated moment when he was about to lose his arm.

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According to TV Notas magazine, Luis Miguel would have suffered a strong fall in June 2021 and rushed to a US hospital where he underwent surgery to fix his shoulder.

Subsequently, the singer of When the sun heats up would not have continued with his rehabilitation process, a situation that complicated his health and He put his left arm at risk.

So far, Luis Miguel has not commented on his photos in Miami or on his current state of health. However, his fans are calm after seeing that “El Sol de México” is better than ever.

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