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Elsa Pataky has always been considered a true goddess by her entire legion of ‘fans’, she continually shows off her incredible body on social networks, which has been so hard for her to achieve. Her husband Chris Hemsworth has been subjecting her to a hard training for a long time that little by little has made the actress’s body change radically until she achieves the figure she boasts today.

In the middle of winter, touching Christmas and Pataky in a bikini. The actress does not hesitate to take advantage of the great weather in Australia, since it is spring there, where she has been living with her husband and children for more than seven years. The family has a luxurious mansion, located in Byron Bay, Australia, valued at 18 million euros, and which has approximately four hectares of land, several floors, a large gym and a spectacular swimming pool.

Chris Hemsworth’s wife is preparing for her new movie ‘Interceptor’ which obviously requires a lot of physical power as she plays an army lieutenant who must save the world. The film will not be released until next year, however, the physical preparation that Elsa is undergoing is already being very remarkable and is setting her social networks on fire.

It has been possible to see through his Instagram, some of his hard workouts that are getting to notably define his legs, buttocks and arms. To shape her figure, the actress is doing yoga and boxing, apart from many other physical activities.

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