34 thoughts on “[Eng Sub]Suspicious Partner New Late Night E News interview (nam ji hyun-ji chang wook)

  1. I liked their drama Congrats to all of the Casts especially the two lead stars… They are lovely couple hoping their will be another romantic comedy for them 😍

  2. They have meet in a drama when NJH was still young (15 yrs old?) coz that time JCW is 23 yrs old i think,so, NJH was on JCWs heart and mind before and it took 8 yrs for them to be together in a comedy romance drama SUSPICIOUS PARTNER.i thought GOD made a way for them❤❤❤

  3. I loved NJW and EBH characters and JCW and NJH portrayed them well. NJH’s reaction to JCW saying that he didn’t know why he waited 8 years to meet her was kinda weird as of though she didn’t believe his genuine intention.

  4. My thought was this man deep inside wanted to announce he finally has a crush in 8 years living single =)) He always behaved suspiciously whenever he mentioned Ji Hyun then acted shy. Ji hyun's been told beforehand obviously 👀

    Anyway, she trained him to be a cute boy by her side 😂
    He's too exposed!

  5. Chang will is actually perfect . He looks so happy too. ❤️

    When he cried aw. I am happy he did a laid back amazing drama before going to the army.

  6. Oh really it doesn't matter what role or what character he takes, he is unbelievably AWSOME in it
    He explodes out everything and changes all definitions! I DON'T KNOW HOW THE HELL HE CAN EVEN DO THAT?!!!

  7. They are such liers they only said it's fun and refreshing and never said that is the best and you will just keep watching it again and again for years to come 😛😛😛❤❤❤

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