Source: Episode 34: The TMZ of Compliance Podcasts–with Solomon Carter

Amanda and Michelle welcome Solomon Carter to the TMZ of Compliance Podcasts!

The Starbucks Culture Flower; “Houston We May Have A Problem!”

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9 thoughts on “Episode 34: The TMZ of Compliance Podcasts–with Solomon Carter

  1. Met Solomon for the first time today. Had a wonderful conversation on becoming a doer and leader in your life. He was very insightful and well manner. A true gentleman. I look forward to conversing with him again soon.

  2. Enjoyed the interview very much. Great information to connect compliance with adequate and appropriate training. Training is the heart of excellence with an organization. By looking at our training with an eye towards compliance as Solomon noted, it will help us to better help staff with the policy, procedure and compliance matters. Thank you Amanda and Michelle for allowing Solomon to be on your show.

  3. Very informative interview. This is a must see interview for any company serious about success. I too believe the most important key to any successful organization is proper training. Though I am not in the compliance arena, I see how the concepts presented by Mr.Solomon can be beneficial in other sectors of life. As a parent I will surely put more thought into how I can better communicate with my children and present more motivation than compulsion tactics to gain positive outcomes.

  4. Amanda and Michelle, thank you for inviting Mr. Solomon Carter to ComplianceLine to discuss the “Corporate Compliance & the Expected Culture of “No.”

    As an HCCA member since 2008 and CHC certified in 2017, securing writers and speakers who can “translate with passion” compliance and ethics concepts into and from our daily lives – is a rarity. I am “sure,” there are many people who will watch the video and “assuredly” believe they can train any domestic and exotic four-legged animal!

    As an Assistant Professor in NYC, many HIM programs claim to include compliance and ethics into the curriculum, yet barely teach all four rules of HIPAA, leaving scholars with competency deficiencies in the employment market. I am happy to share, my search for meaningful instructional materials has concluded! Now, I have the missing piece for designing and delivering a comprehensive HIM education reflecting the three learning styles: textbook case study (auditory), industry article written for novice and specialists (kinesthetic), and a video reference to make it tangible (visual).

    “We” are hoping Mr. Carter is invited to return as a speaker, on current compliance and ethics topics in the workspace, as well as his two SCCE CEP articles. A regular rotation would allow “us” to join countless instructors who use YouTube videos (shamelessly) to deliver higher education!

  5. Amanda and Michelle what a wonderful experience working with you! You guys are the consummate hosts and it was truly a pleasure to be interviewed by you. Clearly you guys have a gift for extracting great content. Lastly, after watching this, I'm fairly "sure", that I am "sure", that "surely", I am going to be "sure" not to say…"sure" again soon. 🙂 I had a great time and would love to do a part 2 soon!

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