29 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE! Amber Heard TMZ Cover-Up EXPOSED | PROOF Their Trying To HURT Johnny Depp !!!

  1. IMPORTANT FACT: It's true Caribbean 5 grossed 795 million, it did not take six or seven million to create, it took 230 million. She drastically mislead the jury on Monday 5/23

  2. She is guilty of Extortion as well.
    She personally didn't sell this to TMZ or alert them, but she had it done.
    Shes guilty of over acting and lies, I don't believe she has the truth in her.

  3. I've always said from the beginning that there was much more about this case that needs to be investigated and I hope their is an investigator out there with some balls that will continue looking into this case after this trial is over. We need to get to the bottom of this crap and call it out… Justice for Johnny, and all those being framed, abused, and lied about…taken for all their life savings by these criminals….Never give up….Classy

  4. I say boycott anyone that is not about JUSTICE.. celebrity’s need to know who pays their paycheck… believe me I have a list and it’s growing!!!
    # justice4johnny

  5. She is a discrace to ANYONE who actually are true victims of abuse 😠 😡 I'm not saying he is innocent but claims of abuse like this?!?! It's pathetic!

  6. Wow dep team should depose you because you have some major evidence here! 🤔 It's too bad this can't come out in the trial 🤨 thank you for sharing 🙏🏻 ps. New sub here❤️🤓

  7. "
    Camille: "Did TMZ pay you for that?"
    Amber: "I never got paid for it…… bc I had nothing to do with that"

    Words mean a lot, just as how you phrase things. Instead of saying she had nothing to do with it, she said she didn't get paid first.

  8. She's in LA, Hollywood, nobody in the entire world can tell me SHIT about her not even knowing how to do that… She also more than likely has plenty of paparazzi in her contacts 📱

  9. Does anyone know what it was that made turd turn on Johnny so horribly from the very start? Why did she decide she was going to try to ruin him? I didn't know who turd was before I read about what she has done/is doing to Johnny. I remember seeing her in the movie Drive Angry. if it wasn't for Nick Cage, that movie would have flopped

  10. Don't forget Elon Musk's role in this, funding her. People trust Elon too readily. JD is going up against someone backed by the richest man. A lot of her influence and ability to silence people probably comes from him.

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