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“He will be with his mother, his brother, and with his father again,” shared his son Cristian Rocha

In the last goodbye to the first actor Enrique Rocha, his son Cristian Rocha, family, friends and celebrities, paid a heartfelt tribute to one of the most fearsome villains in many soap operas. It was from 4 o’clock in the afternoon on Monday, November 8, that the present body mass was held at a famous funeral home located in Félix Cuevas in Mexico City. According to his will, the actor was cremated so that later his ashes can be deposited next to his mother.

This is how an hour later the actor’s ashes were delivered to his son. Christian Rocha himself said that they are going to deposit his ashes where his grandmother is. “He’s going to be with his mom, his brother, and his dad again.”

Enrique Rocha was distinguished throughout his career for his roles as a villain in melodramas such as Las vias del amor, Rebelde or even in children’s productions such as Serafín. The actor was also widely recognized for his work in dubbing, as his deep voice was another of the attributes that distinguished him.

The actor participated in a Disney production PHOTO: TELEVISA / CUARTOSCURO.COM

Several famous men and women attended the funeral held at the Gayosso Funeral Home, including Leticia Calderón, who shared several anecdotes with Enrique, as well as life lessons on the recording set of the successful telenovela I buy that woman.

“For me it was an honor to do that soap opera with him; the recordings were very rewarding. He leaves us many phrases, many laughs and for me it was an honor to work with him. He had many nicknames: ‘el Rochón’, ‘Rochetas’, ‘la zona Rocha’; He also had many anecdotes because he also lived intensely and working with him was really a pleasure. I don’t know of anyone who has worked with him who misstates or has a negative comment. He was obviously an imposing man; among people who did not know him well he imposed on him, but no, he was a ‘bread’. He was also an extremely cultured man, few have I met in my life with that culture. “, Expressed the actress of melodramas such as En Nombre del Amor.

His last telenovela was “I plead guilty” in 2017 Photo: Televisa Digital

Another of the celebrities who came to express their condolences to the family as well as to be part of the mass in his honor was the actor Juan Soler, who also confessed that their friendship was very great and they had already agreed to a friendly meeting as soon as “the end of the pandemic”.

“I remember him with a lot of affection, he is a person whom I always admired very much. I had the opportunity to work with him and I also had the opportunity to tell him as a good friend and reading companion, so I was very surprised last night when I found out, they called me on the phone and told me that he had just passed away. We had a very close relationship so it did affect me a lot. He was in perfect health, really perfect. ‘The death of the just’ is the death he deserved. Now he only leaves us the great memory, the great simplicity, a gentleman in every sense of the word, a funny man, it really is nice to be remembered like that, ”said the actor.

“Once upon a time” was the last production to which he lent his voice as narrator PHOTO: Iván Stephens / CUARTOSCURO.COM

Among the friends who attended the wake was René Casados, who, according to the publication, expressed: “It is a great loss, a huge pain, an extraordinary person and we have the memory of everything he gave us.”

In this way, the first actor Enrique Rocha was fired by his family and colleagues from the show business, who although many could not attend in person, did express messages of condolences to his family and experiences they lived with the actor.


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