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For a few months, the singer Fernanda Castro, daughter of Angélica Rivera, has been publishing some photographs of her on Instagram in which she shows her love for her body and that she does not shave her armpits, annoying a certain sector of public opinion.

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Given this, many people through publications and comments on their images expressed their discomfort and discomfort for their appearance in a vulgar way and without any respect, angering the young woman, who came out to respond on social networks without feeling less for those criticisms.

And it is that, throughout all this time, the artist has suffered a series of insults and unfriendly comments, which could make anyone feel bad. What’s more, it would be considered cyberbullying against you.


Through a story on her Instagram account, the daughter of the former first lady of Mexico, Angélica Rivera, responded to all those people who spend time criticizing her.

For her, there are other things of greater importance to be focusing on a girl who does not shave her armpits, being something very normal.

“I have been 6 min seeing some” commentators “comment on the hair in my armpit. Sometimes I wonder why they do not put more important things? As rapes, 9 women disappear a day in Mexico, there are more people infected than ever, the world is literally ending and this is a topic of conversation, “wrote the young woman.

The singer issued a statement to respond to those who criticize her for not shaving her armpits. (Photo: Fernanda Castro / Instagram).

Those answers were not enough because minutes later he made another publication again to sentence all his discomfort and opinion in the face of criticism and insults against him.

“I do not think of his hair on the tongue … .. I say no more,” he said.

Castro highlighted the hairs on the tongue that many people have, who criticize her for the hair in her armpits. (Photo: Fernanda Castro / Instagram). MORE INFORMATION: Adamari López and the stores where she buys her dresses

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