Translated From: first interview after Icardi’s infidelity

Discovered on: 2021-11-24 10:03:51

About a month ago, the ratio of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi jumped through the air after discovering the Argentine that the PSG forward had been unfaithful with the China Suarez, an actress with whom the influencer even had a good relationship before what happened. The businesswoman and also a representative decided to break up with the footballer, but later reconsidered and knew how to forgive him because she assures that he is the man of her life.

Several weeks later, Wanda Nara has granted her first interview to the Argentine journalist Susana Giménez in which she speaks with hair and signs of everything that happened: «They asked me for a picture of the girls for an invitation and I remembered that I had it on the phone of the. Then searching I found a chat. Always I searched, I checked and I never found anything and when there was something he would show it to me or I would show him, we have that confidence, we tell each other everything ».

«I said things that a woman with the values ​​that I have would never have written and would not have expected to be told from the other side. They also told something about Ibiza, we have never had problems of this kind in our relationship. I grabbed, I took the first plane there was and went home to Italy. He went behind me to find me to talk. I went to another place, I took some time to talk, “he adds.

Wanda Nara ended up reconsidering and assures that she trusts Icardi one hundred percent despite what happened: «After talking with friends they told me ‘you are making a mess of things that happen in couples’ and no, not ours. I said to Mauro: ‘Would you forgive me if you found messages of the same nature on my phone?’ and he said ‘no, I’m divorcing’. He told me if we parted, was retiring from football. He was the one who told me that there was an encounter that was nothing, that it was silly, the mistake of his life. It was here in Paris. I looked into his eyes, we were alone, I believe in his regret. I trust Mauro blindly, if it were not like that, I would not be able to continue with him ».

«If I was able to rebuild my relationship, it was because Mauro was very sincere and from the other side they told me the same story. Knowing him, there are things that he cannot even lie to me. I think he went (to the meeting) and was wrong. Anything could have happened but nothing happened. He told me very difficult things, I learned most of the things from him, he gave me details of what had happened, “he concludes.

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