Source: Freddy P is crying & Exposing Puff Daddy for messing with his MANHOOD, Making of the Band

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33 thoughts on “Freddy P is crying & Exposing Puff Daddy for messing with his MANHOOD, Making of the Band

  1. I hope this was a big step in him getting the help and mental freedom he not only needs, but deserves. Hopefully he takes the next big step and seeks help. Lifelong battle, but have to learn to better handle it.

  2. God gave you talent but God gave you a heart to want to do for others 🙏❤ That's God, that what makes us citizens to want better for yourself and others. It so hard to stand alone when everyone APPEARS to be LIT, RELEVANT and RICH. Bro you didn't allow yourself to be BROUGHT AND SOLD. When you stand for something you won't fall for anything. God ask what does a man profet when he gains the whole world but lose his soul. Your still here my dude. You can still make changes in your life to create what it you want. Just start where you are right now. Your life is a testimony 🙏🙌 and the fact that your so transparent on this video let me know there is a future filled with hope for you. If music is what you still want to do, get in that studio with the funds you do have…. sell those mixed cds out your trunk like Ludacris did. Now we spotify, SoundCloud and other venues to get your music out. Like you said you can be anything you want to be. We live and die by the choices we make. Shooting things out is just perpetually keeping the community in a downward spiral.
    Puffy like R Kelly will have their day, because they're not God, they don't have the final say, Period.
    Blessings sent your way Freddy

  3. That music industry you’re talking about.., God IS NOT IN IT.., GOD IS NOT BLESSING individuals in the rap industry to prosper.., so do NOT include God in this conversation. This industry is Satans world .., and if you really don’t care about the money etc.., then walk away from the whole thing .., leave ALL OF IT ALONE.., and turn your back on that entire industry .., if you want to bring GOD into this conversation.

    You would rather die over this industry than to LIVE FOR GOD.., that is not a noble thing. Bro.., don’t die for and over SATAN when you can live a powerful and great life for GOD!!!

    …. If someone shoots you in the face like you desire.., they would not be sending you to Heaven to be with God forever.., they would be sending you to the reward of your choices in life.., of being apart of the wrong thing, and doing the wrong thing.

    If it’s anything black people know it’s poverty. Yes it’s hard, very hard!!! But, there are thousands of others who grew up in circumstances worse than yours who have never been drug dealers, or out here robbing people etc. SERIOUSLY, you can not talk about those black folk in the industry holding you down.., yet you are responsible for poisoning our community with drugs, very violent and demonic rap lyrics, and terrorizing your OWN PEOPLE with violent crimes etc.

    If you’re crying over bad choices and a bad life, then why on earth are you trying to hold on to that life in still wanting your respect in that world, even to the point of being suicidal about it?

    You got the wrong heros.., and you’re still making the wrong choices. If you love your son like you say you do, then why you want to be shot in the face? Why would you put your son through that??? If you really care about your son, if those tears really mean anything whatsoever, if you’re really sorry for your sins.., THEN FORSAKE ALL.., AND FOLLOW JESUS!!!

    Your son needs you to live, not die! God has more and better for you than anything a foundation of evil, bad, and wrong can offer you. The wages of sin is death, Hell, and damnation.., but the GIFT OF GOD is LIFE.., and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY!!!!

    If you really want to Kill Something.., then Kill your love for that satanic lifestyle and industry.., because your love for that world is not dead. After all those tears.., you went right back into full street gangster mode.., so you are not that broken!!!

    Grow up for real.. and see the devil for who he really is. You are still in love with the devil .., you still want to be with the devil.., and your life will not have a real change.., until you despise evil and literally hate all the sin you participated in THAT HELPED TO DESTROY OTHER PEOPLES LIVES through drugs, crime, and leading thousands and thousands astray through satanic music and lyrics in the rap world.., that celebrates the very worst of sins .., and has brought much evil and destruction in your own community and around the world!!! Until you are truly broken up about that .., Sir .., you are not ready to change, ready for adulthood, ready to be a responsible parent.., or ready to keep it real with GOD. If you want to talk to your god, then call on Satan.., because the God in Heaven has ZERO to do with with the rap industry.., the fame and money of those in that industry.., or with the gross darkness of that world!!!

    If you want to bring GOD into the conversation.., then WALK IN THE LIGHT!!! Live in THE LIGHT!!! Repent.., and turn from your wicked ways!!! I’m not judging.., I’m just having a REAL .., STRAIGHT UP CONVERSATION.., about REAL LIFE .., just like you are being real and transparent in this video!!!

    You we’re being REAL with us.., and I AM being REAL WITH YOU!!! I am not your judge.., neither am I tried to be.., but right will always be right.., and wrong will always be wrong!!! My advice is that you live your life like time ain’t long .. and to do everything you can .., to correct the wrong…, as AN INDIVIDUAL.., in YOUR OWN PERSONAL LIFE AND STORY .., and not looking at anyone else but YOURSELF!!! Because when you die.., it will only be about your life and judgement before God .., and no one else’s!!!

    If you want to Be WITH GOD AND GO TO HEAVEN.., you don’t need to be shot in the face.., you need all the time you can muster to correct as many errors in your life as possible. To repent, forgive, to restore and heal.., to renounce and bounce when it comes to Satan.., you need time to pray, read your Bible, and work for Gods the same way you loved rap and the streets!

    My words may be direct.., but this is straight LOVE TALKING TO YOU.., because I CARE.., and I want you, your son and family.., to be alright for real!!!

  4. I’m happy for him, hopefully somebody reach out to this man , he’s crying bcus if you seen or did the things he’s done you would cry ! I believe he may feel troubled for his past which is not who he is now , he had options in the past but it requires everything in the book “ dancing with the devil “ is real , Chile they are calculated with all the tricks ! … He talks about exploitations listen to his words , I’m a make sure no one touches my son , my nephews at 16? He is implying he not with kissing for 10k ? Lol smh mindfulness is so important . I like overall he talks about Men of color who has spread the wealth, Jay , Rick , he doesn’t discredit there leadership despite who ever doesn’t talk to him personally . It’s interesting how every artist says the same thing the greed this man is associated with, they should do a research study on Bad Boy Artist within a 20 year time frame 😵‍💫


  6. That's sad puffy did these horrible things, this is the reason he's starting to look like a monster in the face .not aging so well .and when he smiles you can truly see his ugly.. praying freddy finds peace and healing .he has purpose here on earth 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  7. Girl shut up and stop passing judgment on that man if he didn’t post his hurt yo Loud ass slow ass wouldn’t be posting it now …….. him sharing his pain may be the way he gets the right help …

  8. It’s all good what your going through but you can’t love nobody if you don’t love yourself,you have to do you dawg if you have talent it will speak for itself,stop worrying about what’ people think go get a job brah or start a business but nobody is going to take you seriously acting crazy and shit,,man everybody going try something put god first my nigga

  9. Brother look to the hills which cometh your help!!! You don't need any man to Validate you or your talent! As you mentioned God Blessed you with a gift that no man can take away from you. Regardless of who's affiliated with who, non of that defines who you are and what you're capable of…Utilize your gift for YOUR better good… And learn the independent side of the business and promote yourself! You can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens you!!!!! …You seem like a goodt hearted genuine individual, let the hurt out, then let it go! FOCUS!!!! And don't allow the negative energy of that circle to distract you from your craft..Put ur energy and emotions from all of this, into your music!!! Do what God has blessed you to do!! You will be amazed what doors God will open up for you and who he will send your way in terms of business!!! We're sending prayers up for you!! FOCUS on your music!! Leave all that other behind… God Bless u brother!!!

  10. Wow is all imma say, have heard stories like this about puff daddy that he slimmy like he saying, and he right producers come down to Miami and shit on miami make bread and leave don't do nothing for the people…305 miami 4 Life! Hope this young man get help go seek Theropy, ain't nothing wrong with it!!!!!!🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  11. The first thing that most is going say is the typical " He's mentally unstable" its the easiest way to avoid holding people accountable for their actions, especially if the person holds a powerful position and has money to make things go away. It's sad! But God knows all and will deal with everybody accordingly. It's only a matter of time.

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