36 thoughts on “@FreshandFit is the best show on youtube for the culture and this is why.FOH 2 all the race baiters

  1. People can hate on them but aye they helped my relationship out helping be more firm and helped me financially off there money Monday’s I took there content and applied and got good results they the real deal I’ll keep supporting these guys ! Keep it up Bandz!

  2. Thank you EB now i feel like your doing the lords work brother please don’t stop these are facts they changed my life too i am in tears again even though i watched it live last night fuck the haters keep grinding EB i rock with you bro

  3. easy bandz putting them handz on all the haterz! 🤣….. and they'll say FnF dont help anyone, i remember being so confused when girl left, angry etc then Myron showed up like get up and move! i play his words everytime things get rough, "POP-LOCKING IN THE f'ing RAIN"

  4. Here we go again with you deleting any negative comments!! No wonder your comments section only has positive comments! You are pathetic for censoring people!

  5. they are the best! doing a live unscripted show on a very controversial highly important subject, intersexual heterosexual inter-dynamic relationships, at least 5 times per week is extremely hard! they are the only one in the entire world, the only one!

  6. Tom 🔥 🙏. He's like the skateboarder that woke up from the Matrix desperate to get out. Saving youngns from the vultures leading them astray………… Whats the alternative haters??? Dont say the truth about your preferences? Date single moms? Get married blindly without standards? Let "boss babes" disrespect u in ur house? Dont workout 💪? Dont make $? Dont lead ur girl? Dont like submissive & younger? Dont escape the victim mentality? Most importantly….. dont RESIST THE SLAVE MIND??!?!? FOH! F&F keep talking about ideas. Haters keep talking about other ppl. I know the secret sauce to F&F. It's not the after hours, special guests or the day shows. But imma keep that within the fam 🙏 and let the haters & imitators scramble.

  7. You know this guy adam 22 making content about fnf its almost like this guy thinks we forgot he got fired from atlantic records because of a buncha "underage" acccusations and SA accusations he acting like a quick google search wont turn up his past smh

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