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Laura Zapata has thrown herself against numerous personalities (Cuartoscuro)

During the night of November 18, Laura Zapata started a fight on Twitter with Harry Styles fans; the problem started because the 65-year-old actress wrote that she would have to be ill to be attracted to a man “dressed as a woman.”

The former One Direction member constantly challenges gender roles by posing in garments associated with femininity, then a Twitter account posted a photo of Harry wearing a blue dress and asked the women if the 27-year-old had seen them. looked attractive.

Laura Zapata’s response triggered a long discussion starring her, her followers and the Styles fandom. This is not the first time that this actress has been involved in a controversy within Twitter, as she has railed against several artists and has even launched against the Government of Mexico.

This was the comment that sparked the fight (Photo: Twitter / @ LAURAZAPATAM)

His personality can become so controversial that when he was on MasterChef Celebrity, one of his fellow reality shows was fearful of his attitude, as he assured that he was doing “satanic witchcraft” within the competition.

In January this year, Twitter suspended the account of Donald Trump, former president of the United States of America; After this action went viral, Laura Zapata said she was in favor of this social network also closing the account of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico.

“I want them to suspend the account of @lopezobrador_, the hitter of the Mexicans who do not want his dictatorship. Who else wants @TwitterSeguro @TwitterLatAm @TwitterMexico to suspend this account? “, He wrote.

The actress has actively used her social networks to speak out against AMLO and the morenistas (Photo: Twitter / @LAURAZAPATAM)

It should be clarified that the soap opera actress is an opponent of the current government and on several occasions she has declared herself a follower of ideological currents such as the National Anti-Amlo Front (FRENAA), led by Gilberto Lozano.

Following Laura Zapata’s political criticism, the actress recently compared the National Association of Actors (ANDA) with the Federal Government for the way it works.

He again took advantage of his official Twitter account to publish a photograph of Jesús Ochoa holding the hand of the current head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum and in the message he called them vandals.

The actress pointed out that they were vandals (Photos: Instagram @laurazapataoficial / @jesusochoamex // Cuartoscuro)

“Horror, the vandals join forces while the ANDA members cannot get paid and the tenants of @CasadelActor live on alms and tremble when they doubt they have to eat. Thanks to the refusal of # JesúsOchoa to give the money. Removed caregivers; he only left 3 for 38 companions, “wrote Laura Zapata in her tweet.

And he not only attacked the current leaders, but also admitted not supporting the population that sympathized with Morena and AMLO “because they do not think, because they insult (…) because this division of fifís, of nacos, has been made by the president since this tribune with the flaming finger that accuses those who do not agree with it, “he said.

On the other hand, in April of this year, Laura Zapata exchanged harsh criticism with the entertainment journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante. The dispute reached such a degree that the actress opened a petition on for Imagen Televisión to fire the presenter.

Zapata insulted the presenter of Imagen Televisión (Photo: Instagram @laurazapataoficial @gainfante)

“Immediate dismissal of Gustavo Adolfo Infante from TV programs. Sign this petition so that the Infamous Amorphous Worm, molcajete legs, can be kicked out for being misogynistic, jerk, ugly and without a neck, “he wrote in his insulting message.

Those were not the only insults of the actress against Gustavo Adolfo, because once again, on his Twitter, he called him “A nobody with pretense of being. Supporting the mistreatment of a 103-year-old lady. Sold like Judas, so miserable and petty. ” Zapata even assured “that it is not, nor will it ever be of a moral and emotional class.”

When Alfredo Adame began his political campaign and became involved in a great scandal for insulting a citizen, the singer and sister of Thalía expressed through his Twitter account that the actor was a misogynist who only wants to enter politics to rob the country.

Alfredo Adame campaigned with RSP (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

”@RSPorgMX @RedesTlalpan Is this your candidate ?, Mentiendo the mother to the citizenship. He’s a violent, misogynist, rude, jerk. The only thing you want is to enter to steal ”, wrote the famous.

Earlier this month Laura Zapata said she was furious with Yolanda Andrade, who recently hinted in a live broadcast that at some point in her life she would have had an affair with a “famous and beautiful singer, member of a group.”

She said annoyed by the apparent relationship that she suggested to her sister (Photo: @ yolanda_andrade_14 / IG – Cuartoscuro)

The words of the Unicable host were interpreted by the viewers of the broadcast as a direct allusion to Thalía, who was mentioned by several people, to which Andrade replied saying “They hit her”, without specifying who she was referring to or giving names.


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