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Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi

It is known, you have to be suspicious of Wikipedia. Some data can be described as harmless, such as deliberately grotesque nicknames, assigned with the clear motive of ridicule and are easy to detect. Other cases are more dangerous, especially when the data is disguised as being true to construct an alternative story. Who writes history on Wikipedia is something that only Wikipedia knows, but in the soap opera involving Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi and China Suárez, no detail deserves to be left to chance.

Around midnight in Argentina, the hornet’s nest was disturbed by a revealing fact in the biography of the businesswoman in the virtual encyclopedia. With pages in eight languages ​​- strikingly she does not have a profile in Spanish – Wanda is listed as “Mauro Icardi’s ex-wife” in the English and French versions, though not in the Italian. The data is sober and precise, without bragging or epithets that refer to third parties in disagreement or icardial. Logically, what Wikipedia says is not enough as proof of divorce, but the unsuspecting person who falls into the encyclopedia will see that the Icardi-Nara marriage already has an expiration date.

“Ex-wife of Mauro Icardi”: this is how the English version of Wikipedia defines Wanda Nara. According to the country, the marital status of the businesswoman changes after the scandal

Meanwhile, the businesswoman and the soccer player continue with their respective lives. She, in Milan, between shopping trips, meetings with friends and work activities. On the Italian night, he was shown aboard an imposing Lamborghini car. “Fast as lightning,” he wrote as a compliment to the sports car. Among the hundreds of thousands of comments, Icardi’s stands out. Two fire emojies. Brief, but clear, although without getting a response from the businesswoman. Or perhaps yes, indifference, perhaps the worst of all.

Wanda Nara, fast and furious aboard a Lamborghini (Instagram)

Previously, Wanda had uploaded a picture on the beach, expressing her desire to be near the sea. And during the afternoon, he shared a video of his imposing pool at the house in Paris. His constant virtual movements confuse even his own followers, who cannot detect his true location for more than a day.

The English and Italian version of Wanda Nara’s biography on Wikipedia assures that the businesswoman is separated from Mauro Icardi

To all this, Mauro continued with his reconquest strategy since he reactivated his Instagram account. During the French morning he uploaded a romantic photo with Wanda, in front of a campfire and with her now classic gaucho beret. Simultaneously, he shared an enigmatic message in his stories: “Get used to winning in silence and let the world think that you are losing.” It was clear that he was not referring to his sports career, although he later continued with other publications related to Paris Saint Germain, to leave the mysterious text to his followers.

During the day the footballer joined the payroll of the PSG that won his match in Bordeaux. He went to the substitute bench and entered to play the last minutes. After midnight in Argentina, five hours after the final whistle, he returned to playing with social networks, with a mysterious image on Instagram Stories. With the City of Light as a location, the forward showed a bottle of beer held by the hands of a woman, and wrote: “How nice to come home after a game and have your wife wait for you awake, pile it up and with a very cold ”.

The story of Mauro Icardi

Mauro’s post bears a certain similarity to the one he posted weeks ago. “When you are in Mood single on Instagram, but at night you come to ask for forgiveness. Where do we meet @wandaicardi? It is not clear to me, “wrote the forward in his stories, along with a postcard where Wanda is seen hugging him without showing his face, and Mauro’s torso exposed. The player’s claim pointed to the latest publications of the influencer, who posed in several videos without her wedding ring and then posted sensual photos from the shower.

As different Internet users have warned on previous occasions, both Wanda and Mauro resort to stock photos to play their chips in this scandal that only they know how far it can go. For now, Instagram is the scene in which the battles are fought. However, some key players are beginning to show their cards. While Icardi drank the beer that his wife had kept him cool, Ana Rosenfeld made one of his first public references to the situation: “I was surprised, I saw a very well formed couple, where there was a lot of affection, a lot of respect, really buddies and colleagues , that the tasks were distributed very well, and I never imagined that Icardi could imagine committing a mischief, because ultimately it is as if the mischief is already aired, ”the lawyer and friend of the businesswoman commented without filter.


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