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More than six decades after the fateful accident, the death of Pedro Infante is questioned by his own grandson, who in an interview stated that he did not die in the plane that crashed in 1957, and that it was alleged links with drug trafficking. who planned his “alleged disappearance”.

The singer nicknamed “El Inmortal”, left a great void in the Mexican people, who regretted his unexpected departure when his career was at the height of fame, and being part of the musical culture of his country.

And although many legends have revolved around his death, this time it was a relative himself who ensures that everything was a “setup” to make him disappear.

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Pedro Infante’s grandson assures that he hid for years

Through an interview with youtuber Gusgri, César Augusto Infante talked about his grandfather’s past, causing a stir on the networks, by telling a true legend that is opposed to his physical disappearance.

According to his revelations, the charismatic rancher interpreter did not die in the accident in Mérida, Yucatán, but everything was in charge of a group of drug traffickers who planned and simulated his death, explained Milenio.

“They kidnapped him for being a drug dealer,” he said without half measures in his dialogue with the content creator. The man narrated that the singer was arriving on his motorcycle, when he was intercepted by a group that kidnapped him and took him away, leaving another in his place.

“He was beaten, he was locked up in Lecumberri, in the Islas Marías, in La Castañeda in Michoacán and in a prison in Sonora,” he explained.

And with phrases that occurred in that meeting, he told how the events took place. “From this moment on, you are no longer Pedro Infante, they brought a person of his complexion, and they told him: ‘take off the slave’, they put it on the other person and put him on the plane. At that moment they tell him: As of this moment, you are legally dead, ”he said.

He mentioned that the artist’s life finally came to an end in 2013, at the age of 95. And faced with his reality, he dared to remember the drama that the Aztec country and all of Latin America experienced.

“The public believed it, many people cried, many people committed suicide, because their idol Pedro Infante had died, but it was not like that,” said César Augusto.

The grandson of the renowned Mexican artist confirmed that the man they said was his imitator, Antonio Pedro, was actually Pedro Infante, who was able to reappear before his audience with that pseudonym after accessing the show and the arrest made by the Government that finally plotted his return to the world of entertainment.

And César Augusto Infante, went a little further saying that many famous people were aware of the story and kept the secret, among them: Silvia Pinal, Yolanda Montes, Antonio Aguilar, Luis Aguilar, Tin Tan, Cantiflas, Armando Manzanero and the “ Tongolele”.

He attributed the death of his parents to retaliation for telling the world that his grandfather had not died in the accident, making it clear that he has proof of what he is saying. (AND)

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