Source: Future the Rapper, throws Subliminal Shade at Lori Harvey at his concert because he heartbroken

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34 thoughts on “Future the Rapper, throws Subliminal Shade at Lori Harvey at his concert because he heartbroken

  1. That's why they broke up remember every time he took her friends somewhere he had a group of her friends come along with future got caught sleeping with one Lori Harvey's friends that's why you see her going solo when she's around Michael and Michael is his grown man stuff all your friends hanging around he not going to do that he wants to be alone with woman

  2. Lori Harvey drop the o which was future, And got her a hero which is Micheal b and Lori left future she turn the tables on his old dry up play out no account A__, Future doesn't like the fact that karma visit him when it came to Lori Harvey, And to call a woman the b word is so distasteful and disrespectful did he forget who brought him into this world which was a woman that gave him life.. Future just trying to stay relevant off of lori harvey name from bad publicity.. Future looking for fame because his light to fame and fortune are dim… He needs to take time out and be a responsible person and take care of his children instead of being a dead beat dad, cira was smart and level up and never look back on future with his sorry no account self… Russell Wilson is the true meaning of a MAN…. Facts

  3. Lol…
    A man can't create a "Broken Family", Black or not, if he NEVER offered to make a house into a home & a baby has never forced a man to stay home🤷
    Girlfriends are girlfriends until you get that proposal that speaks for itself.
    No ADULT woman should even claim the title "girlfriend". That's basically saying that you're the homie that he smashes.

    Did he even PROPOSE to Ciara…or did he just give her a ring 💍& allow her to create her own narrative?
    Not once did I ever remember hearing him address her as his fiancee 🤷

  4. They both gross me out equally and are both get arounds, whether in a relationship or not and she’s just as fake as he is, but I will say if that’s what makes them happy then shooot I’m all for it 🙏 your life, your body, your decision!

  5. How come nobody has canceled Future? He seems to be so toxic and disrespectful towards women, and we just like oh ok smh
    The LGBT community would NEVER

    Women we have to do better!

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