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The actress sued Gustavo for moral damage (Photo: Instagram @gabyspanictv / gustavoadolfoinfante)

A few months ago Gaby Spanic informed the public that after years of litigation in court against the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, whom he sued for moral damages, the authorities ruled in his favor, so he would not have to pay him the compensation requested by the journalist. reporter, who was reported to the authorities by the Venezuelan actress.

After he allegedly won the lawsuit he filed against the Imagen Televisión communicator, Spanic celebrated in style and urged society to put a limit between freedom of expression and defamation, such as that allegedly incurred by the controversial journalist. .

Now, Mr. Alonso Beceiro, Infante’s lawyer, assured that the actress of Corazón Guerrero will not be absolved from paying the reporter, since what he communicated to the media as an injunction has not yet complied with the authorization process:

According to Alonso Beceiro, the Venezuelan has already lost the main trial (Photos: Instagram @gabyspanictv // Imagen TV)

“I did not lose nor did Gustavo lose, we must be clear on this issue, and remember that the lady sued Gustavo at the time for moral damages and wanted financial resources and a series of things, finally, she lost the first instance, she lost the second instance, and lost the protection, that is, the lady has definitely lost everything, there is no way to reverse that, ”the lawyer began in an interview with First Hand.

Beceiro stressed that in view of this and the request to pay more than 370 thousand Mexican pesos to Infante -for expenses and costs generated-, Gaby requested protection from the authorities: “She protected herself through her son against this, asserting that she did not She has the money to support her son and to pay Gustavo, that is what is in dispute right now, she has earned absolutely nothing, it is a total lie, “he said.

“The lady has already lost the main trial, which is the one in which she sues Gustavo, all this that we are already seeing is nothing more in case she has to cover Gustavo’s expenses and costs and nothing else, the main trial has already been won, no There is a way to modify that sentence” The soap opera actress requested an amparo, for which the final sentence has been suspended (Instagram)

The lawyer assured that the amount that the protagonist of La usurpadora must pay Gustavo Adolfo was not a request from the journalist, but that is how the authorities establish it: “This is how Mexican legislation establishes it in these cases, when someone unfoundedly sues as her, against this the lady filed an injunction using her son’s name, “he added.

It is due to the protection requested by Spanic, that a final sentence has not been reached, since the trial still needs to be unburdened, and this could extend until 2023:

“Until now the lady has a suspension, in matters of amparo it is called definitive suspension when the judge definitively decides to suspend the execution of the sentence until the amparo is resolved, it means that the amparo has not been resolved, all the relief of the trial is still missing for a sentence to come out, what the judge does is that while all that amparo trial is taking place, he suspends the execution, that is, the lady has that suspension until the amparo is defined, once Once the protection is defined, it will have to cover what it owes.”

Gaby argued for her son’s support to avoid paying “Costs and payments” to the communicator (Photo: Televisa)

Beceiro anticipated that the resolution may be a lengthy process, because Spanic “wants to gain time and try to avoid payment”: “An amparo trial of this nature can last from six to eight months to a year, it must be considered that there may be still, according to the resolution that comes out, there may still be an additional appeal, we are talking about the fact that this trial will not be resolved definitively during 2022, we will be seeing the sentence until 2023, already definitive, ”he asserted.


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