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George Clooney and $ 35 million rejected for … working one day! It was a single day of shooting. The actor fulfilled this summer he fulfilled 60 years, the He weighs deeply and in the end he said no. As he himself has explained: “It wasn’t worth it”.

In fact, he explained it in an interview with ‘The Guardian’ where he confessed that youhe has “enough money” to live without working. And the actor adds: “I was offered $ 35 million to work for a day on an airline ad, but I talked to Amal about it and we both decided it wasn’t worth it.”

Clooney is clear about his preferences at the moment. And it’s about spend quality time with your wife and four-year-old twins.

“My wife and I had this conversation when I turned 60 last summer. I said ‘I can still move quite well and we both love what we do. But we have to make sure we don’t fill our schedules absurdly. ‘ This is to make sure we live our lives, “he explained.

But he also added that the roles offered to him did not just motivate him. “In general, there are no such good roles. And, honestly, I don’t need to act.”, I admitted. And it is that the 60s have made a dent in the actor who has been seriously reflecting on what he wants at this point.

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