Translated From: Gerard Piqué could lose Shakira at her worst moment

Discovered on: 2022-06-02 08:40:23

Gerard Piqué accused of infidelity to Shakira after the Super Cup controversy (Photo credit should read BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP via Getty Images)

The marriage between Gerard Piqué and Shakira is hanging by a thread according to the ‘Mamarazzi’ and the reason has a woman’s name. Specifically of a very young woman with whom the footballer could have been unfaithful to the singer.

Still without having revealed the name of this girl who, until now, was anonymous to the general public, we already know that “She is a young blonde in her 20s (Piqué is 35). She is studying and works as an event hostess”reveals Lorena Vázquez.

The journalistic duo that has caused the bomb to explode are Vázquez herself and Laura Fa, a collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ who maintain that “The appearance of this young woman in Piqué’s life could have caused the couple to live temporarily separated, despite the fact that we do not know the nature of the relationship between them.”

In fact, they assure that Gerard Piqué would have temporarily left the family home to go to his single apartment in Barcelona: “He has been moving for a month and spends several days in a row there.”

Until now, the relationship between Shakira and Piqué was one of the most stable in the celebrity universe but, judging by this information of alleged disloyalty, the athlete’s family could be on the tightrope due to his bad head.

‘El Periódico’ assures that: “Shakira would be aware of the disloyalty and would put a face and name to the third in discord. That is why she would have made the decision to separate. That’s how it is. Has occurred. That is why there is distance. Maybe it’s nothing, but that [la infidelidad] has passed”.”

Some images obtained by Europa Press show Piqué visiting the family home where Shakira and her children live but, suspiciously, she did not have keys and had to ring the bell to open it, did she leave them somewhere or is that no longer her House? This is an unknown today.

This personal controversy could cause Piqué to lose his greatest support at a very delicate moment for him in which his public image has been damaged by listening to the leaked audios about the Spanish Super Cup in which he spoke with Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

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According to ‘Marca’, in said audios the FC Barcelona defender explained a series of points about an agreement to bring Saudi Arabia from the Spanish Super Cup and Piqué’s alleged involvement in this possible agreement would earn him a millionaire: “Piqué would receive 4 million dollars per tournament for having negotiated a six-year agreement.”

As if this were not enough, the ‘Mamarazzi’ collect that lately “The footballer has been seen “unleashed” and enjoying the Barcelona night in the company of his teammate Riqui Puig. Together they frequent the reserved areas of nightclubs such as Bling Bling and Patrón, located in the upper area of ​​the Catalan capital. And in both places “he has been seen accompanied by other women.”

Of course, with this scenario, Piqué could not go through his best moment and Shakira, who has been supporting him in the background for more than a decade even in the worst storms, could have written ‘Te Felicito’ to unmask the man who is the father of her children and is that, as the song says “They warned me but I didn’t listen. I realized that yours is false, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back… I congratulate you, how well you act (…) I can’t stand people with two faces, I who I put my hands in the fire for you”.

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