Source: Gille Da Kid calls out Wiz Khalifa for wearing gym shorts & accused him of getting him ban on IG

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27 thoughts on “Gille Da Kid calls out Wiz Khalifa for wearing gym shorts & accused him of getting him ban on IG

  1. Please stop! People see what they want to see instead of what’s actually happening which is that wiz is doing mostly butt exercises and that’s it. No alpha male goes to the gym purposely to do mostly glute workouts in short shorts? I’ll wait. Everyone in the entertainment industry is gay, who doesn’t know this? Are you late to the party? stop protecting these fake men. Hollyweird has taken their manhood.

  2. Wiz is training in mixed martial arts. If you watch UFC this is what they train and fight in. Gillie is clout chasing and telling on himself at the same time. Gillie liking that bat and ball wiz worken wit.

  3. I love you Wiz but ehat the hell put on another pair of shorts that are a little longer at the same time dude need to be more mature and ignore what he got on sounds like dude was offended or low key like it and trying make it something else 🤔

  4. This is so so Crazy!! That pop eyed dude is hating on that man This is all about clot!…People don't be dumb that's what MMA Fighter Train in Gym shorts ….I don't Blame Wiz Khalifa it's going to be summer got to look fine ……He looking good for the ladies

  5. Wiz looking sexy!!! Tall and athletic giving a swimmers build🥰… takes me back to college when my b.f was on the swim team 😂🤷🏽‍♀️… please continue ☝🏽

  6. The way I see it, Gillie Da Kid is suspect…he on the DL. Cause what grown man cares this much about what another grown man is wearing that they have to make a whole video about it? A damn DL man, that's who. He feels the need to make a public video about this cause he's obviously turned on by seeing Wiz Khalifa in those shorts and to avoid being called homo, he tries to act sooo straight and say he unfollowed him. Real talk he probably gotta fake account just to secretly watch him SMDH. But check this out, Gillie Da Kid is the same man Wack 100 called out for dancing with Bobby Shmurda on his podcast show. He said Gillie was suspect dancing around with Bobby cause he kept saying Bobby be twerking. Gillie need to just go on ahead and come outta the closet…it's 2022, we'll accept you boo, live ya truth girl.

  7. GillieThe Kid was just joking! Adledgley……….wow people are so sensitive. He is real that's all. ☮️✌️🦋😎. P.S Wiz knows how Gillie is from Philly. Let's be real the North is the North! Exactly 💯☺️! ☮️! You cannot change the north!

  8. Are you jealous that Wiz is getting fit and healthy bc I see a difference in his body he's more formed and fit….it's his body and desire for his body … Middle finger to u ppl who hate for no reason focus on seld

  9. Ok ladies you know damn well you dont want your man dressing like this. This looks suspect. Now if he likes men then I can see him wearing this but as a woman who likes masculinity I dont think this is a good look.

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