38 thoughts on “Gossip Girl 6×10 New York, I Love You xoxo – Blair & Chuck announce that they're getting married

  1. That whole speech Blair gave abour dan being an outsider was so unnecessary and stupid that’s not like her at all she literally dated him. The writers did such a bad job at the end giving into what the fans wanted

  2. still can’t believe they made dan gossip girl it makes zero sense in so many different reasons. And to be fair literally none of them are better than dan ,, i mean chuck literally sexually assaulted jenny (seems most of you forgot) so i think he fits right in

  3. For all you Serenate shippers: whenever Blair gave Serena or anyone relationship advice she ended up being right, so she can be right about how Serena isn’t going to end up with dan. I know the last episode they were getting married but we didn’t hear any “I do’s” vows or see any rings or a kiss. So really anything could have happened, they could even have gotten a divorce…. team Serenate ❤️

  4. This was the worst ending for Gossip Girl. Nobody can stand Dan's behavior, he was such a fake, lier, immoral… He was the good guy in the first seasons but after 'Insider' he was busted.

  5. Serious, I don't understand why everybody loves Blair. When I was 17 and naïve, ok. Now I'm 27 and think she is spoiled, elitist, narcissist, and Dan had his troubles, but nothing like her. She always treated him like garbage. Serena is much more easy going, although I think she may have some Borderline issues, she was always caring to people feelings as the series goes on…

  6. So Blair can excuse Chuck's terrible behavior, but when it's Dan, it's something else, all because of the fact that Dan didn't grow up wealthy. I mean she herself dated him. He was there for her countless of time, and now all she can do is brush all that aside due to money. She still sounds like the mean girl she was in season 1 and 2, except then it was one thing, but she should have grown up by then, espcially after everything that she went through. Her character just became worse overtime.

  7. I don’t care that dan is gossip girl or that Serena end up with dan I just care that chuck and Blair finally we’re together without any break up and I can live in peace for the rest of my life

  8. lmao i hate this fucking show. blair dated dan and she still trash talks him when he's the only boyfriend who ever respected her. she didn't change at all since season one, still the little spoiled hypocrite brat

  9. Several hours ago, Chuck Bass didn't extend his hand to save his Father's life, and Blair agreed to marry him. Wow. Who cares, only a Father, right? And thank you, Stephanie Savage, a show writer, for teaching guys how to avoid Police questioning.

  10. I can't stand Dan most of the time, but really Blair. I thought you outgrew being a snobby elitist 😒. At least her makeup and hair looked good in the finale unlike the rest of the season.

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