41 thoughts on “Gossip Girl cast dragging the ending of the show (Dan being Gossip Girl)

  1. I think the main issue is the writers completely forgot to make gg a big enough part of the plot. The whole concept was only there when they wanted to stir up drama, no one really cared who it was. So by the time they have to reveal it it doesn't make sense for anyone to be gg. Theres no motive or justification. It was just random

  2. the fact that it would have just made sense if gossip girl was just this bot that automatically posts everything people send to them, cause then it would also make sense on how fast it posted stuff, then basically everyone would be gossip girl without even noticing cause they were the ones sending the gossip, and would have also been a nice critic to society on how everyone is kinda the villain…

  3. Dan IS Gossip Girl. Why? He's crazy and was actually adopted by Rufus and Alison. Then? When he got found out, he ditched his friends/fam/etc. He rekindled his relation with adopt parent and past abuser Mr. Mooney. He hid in plain view as Joe at Mr. Mooney's bookstore. kidding

  4. Dan had to be Gossip Girl because he has no money and it was the only way to bring him up to the their level. Gossip Girl enabled him to be treated the same no matter her socio economic background. He used gossip girl to get in. It makes total sense. However they could’ve picked anyone. But they had a clear idea who gossip girl was on the third season. When gossip girl told Blake she or he would reveal itself. Dan came up to her at the restaurant at that moment. That was a big clue I didn’t see. However later on when he said he would write a book about all the dirt of the elite. At that moment it was very clear he was gossip
    Girl because that was literally what gossip girl was doing. I figured it out by the end of the episode of the last episode pre last season.

  5. i know this is an old show but my god don't put the biggest spoiler possible in the tITLE of your youtube video it wouldve been totally clear if it just said "the ending of the show"

  6. it shouldn't have been any of the main cast. 100% needed to be a side character, or someone that the writers elevated to more of a main character in the final season to make it make more sense. but alas, it's still my favorite show <3

  7. they really should have left gossip girl anonymous. it defeats the whole point of the concept of gossip girl. just being an entity that's all people's anonymous tips that just ruins lives

  8. Gossip Girl should've stayed as a MacGuffin … basically necessary to the plot, but we didn't need to know who Gossip Girl was. It was better that GG remained purely as a plot device than a definitive answer/character…

  9. By the end of the show I didn’t really care who Gossip Girl was. Especially after the reveal that she basically blogged the tips she got from students. It would’ve been so much better if the show just ended with Gossip Girl ending/deleting the blog because the identity really wasn’t even that relevant to the plot. The whole sending in tips to ruin someone else’s life was much more intriguing.

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