Source: Gossip Girl – Max Flirts With Rafa Caparros – “She's Having a Maybe” (1×02)

In the bathroom, Max casually remarks it’s nice not have to wait for the straight guy gap to Rafa. The latter is annoyed, telling him this is widely inappropriate. Max says he isn’t looking but takes a quick peak nonetheless. Rafa zips himself up quickly as Max compliments his size. He asks why he isn’t at parent-teacher night sucking up to his dads. Rafa says electives teachers aren’t required to participate – Max pipes up that he likes to watch then. He then proceeds to boldly proposition Rafa whom replies he doesn’t fuck his students. Max replies he’ll top then then. For his sake will Rafa pretend this conversation didn’t happen. He leaves but Max grabs his drink and intents to follow him, but it stopped when a guy asks him if Rafa Caparros just passed. He brags about how he couldn’t walk for a week and didn’t want to, while his companion states Rafa is the fuck of New York. He tells Max to read all about it on MaleGeneral, before adding Max himself is mentioned – briefly to boot.

As Zoya hesitantly explores a new romantic interest, Max aggressively pursues one of his own. Meanwhile, Julien sets out to fix her mistakes. #GossipGirl #xoxoGossipGirl #HBOGossipGirl #HBO

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