Source: Gossip Girl – Nate Tells Blair About Serena – "Pilot" (1×01)

n the meantime, Nate enters his bedroom to find Blair already waiting for him in sexy lingerie. She has decorated the room romantically, as she is expecting anticipating having sex with Nate for the first time. Blair begins to kiss Nate, but he doesn’t kiss her back, and it is quickly revealed that he feels guilty about the events of the notorious ‘Shepherd Wedding’, as he explains to a heartbroken Blair that he had sex with Serena on an empty bar during the wedding. Blair is crushed, and tells Nate to leave. #GossipGirl

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10 thoughts on “Gossip Girl – Nate Tells Blair About Serena – "Pilot" (1×01)

  1. Well I 25% don’t care about Blair’s feeling cause she does the same thing later and hooked up with Nate’s best friend / Jerk Chuck Bass

  2. The direction in this scene and Season 1 as a whole is absolutely amazing. We don't get to see it as often in later seasons. Feels like an entirely different series, probably because they actually had a plot.

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