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Before meeting the candidate who will take the great crown of Miss Universe 70th edition, Telemundo He prepared a special program called ‘Las Nuestro’. In the show, there was a tour of the best moments that have been lived through the years in the beauty pageant.

In the broadcast, the presenters, Luis Borrego Y Aylín Mujica, were attended by former Miss Universe winners, who spoke about how the pageant changed their lives and what they hope to see tonight.

Lupita jones, Dayanara torres, Cynthia Olavarría Y Stefania Fernandez They recalled the curiosities that have happened for 70 years, the evolution of the contest, the celebrities that today continue to shine on the big screen, among other details.

In a very pleasant talk it was that these personalities spoke about the famous ones who once participated in Miss Universe and currently their career continues to shine, among them, Maribel guard, who in 1978, walked through that stage proudly representing her country Costa Rica, and is currently an actress and singer who has the affection of all her audience.

Another celebrity is, Jacky Bracamontes, who also exuded style and a lot of confidence in her passage through the Miss Universe pageant in 2001, and now, is one of the most recognized and charismatic conductors of the small screen.

It should be noted that the Mexican Lupita Jones recalled that Bracamontes’ father met her once and thanked him for taking his daughter to the pageant, and everything he had done for her.

In addition, Jones said that Jesus Bracamontes He told her that if she had not been in charge, she would not have allowed her offspring to participate and she would not be what she is today.

Lupita, 54, also recalled her response in the contest in which she spoke about the Free Trade Agreement and detailed the importance of these statements at the time of the contest, something that the Puerto Rican Dayanara Torres confirmed.

Mújica and Borrego reminded the entire public of some of the Latin candidates who shone for their intelligent responses in the Miss Universe pageant, among which they stood out, is that of Stefanía Fernández and that of a witty and funny Alicia machado.

Torres, 46, also took time to talk a little about the evolution that Miss Universe has had, such as the change in music when the candidates parade before the judges to show the best of them, an issue on which those present agreed.

There is no doubt that in this show everyone remembered to live again.

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We remind you that the 70th edition of Miss Universe will be broadcast shortly through Telemundo, the exclusive Spanish-language network for the broadcast of the beauty pageant.

The Spanish version of Miss Universe 2021 will be hosted by Jacky Bracamontes Y Christian of the Fountain, accompanied by Alix aspe Y Carlos Adyan, who will bring extensive and exclusive coverage.

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