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(Screenshot: Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s channel on Youtube)

The entertainment journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante attacked the late soccer player Diego Armando Maradona after Mavys Álvarez Rego, the Argentine’s ex-partner, denounced him for allegedly raping her when she was 17 years old.

In an exclusive interview for Infobae Argentina, Álvarez Rego narrated that the events took place in Cuba in 2001. Likewise, the Cuban woman revealed how she was forced to consume cocaine, how she was beaten by the soccer player and how he raped her while her mother he was outside his room.

“Maradona covered my mouth so I wouldn’t scream, so I wouldn’t say anything and he abused me. My mother came to see me that day at the house where we were in Havana and Diego did not want to open the room door for her. My mom knocked and he didn’t open it. He raped me. That’s what happened, ”Mavys said.

Mavys Álvarez told about her relationship with Diego Armando Maradona (Photo: EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)

Given this, Gustavo Adolfo Infante decided to show his position and spoke out against “El Pelusa” by calling him “a disgusting person”, since this would not be the first complaint of alleged sexual abuse.

“His career in soccer is not discussed, but off the field he was always vomit and human disgust. Every day I hate him more ”, expressed the journalist during his program First Hand.

On the other hand, during said interview, Álvarez Rego said that during his first visit to Argentina, in the same year that the sexual assault occurred, the Argentine did not allow him to leave the hotel, since he had security outside all the time. your room.

“At one point I tried to leave the hotel and he told me not to put his job at risk because he couldn’t leave. I was limited in everything, that is, I could not do anything. I couldn’t get out of the hotel. He had to ask permission for everything he could or could not do. I would not leave my room. I had security but not to be able to move freely but to not move. ”, Álvarez Rego narrated about his visit to Argentina, which would have been arranged between Fidel Castro and the athlete, after they had tried to get him to travel with them within a “box”.

Mavys narrated that Maradona forced her to take drugs with the

The Cuban also took the opportunity to tell how Diego Armando Maradona influenced her to become a drug addict.

“When he started giving me the pure (cocaine). One day he gave me the pure and gave me a very strong cardiac arrhythmia, I could not breathe and had a lot of palpitations. That day we were going to eat at a restaurant in Marina Hemingway in Havana, for pizza, Italian food, and I remember that I had to stick my head out the window because I couldn’t breathe inside the car. And Diego tells me: ‘Take it easy, nothing’s wrong, take it easy, put your head out, breathe.’ It was that day that I realized that it is there, I was strong but I was beginning to need it ”, he said.

According to Mavys’ statements, the addiction to alcohol and cocaine in which she had been submerged by Maradona and her surroundings led her to deep states of depression that she experienced for several years, even after she stopped seeing Maradona in 2004.

Mavys Álvarez had the initiative to speak, after 20 years of ending their relationship, when she realized that her daughter is almost the same age in which she experienced all kinds of attacks by Maradona.


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