Source: Halle Berry gets DRAGD for crowning Cardi B The Queen of Hip Hop, Cardi B is clapping back

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41 thoughts on “Halle Berry gets DRAGD for crowning Cardi B The Queen of Hip Hop, Cardi B is clapping back

  1. Cardi B is the queen of this era of hip-hop in so many different ways she fought with politicians she argue with politicians she’s took up for black woman when nobody else did and then like as Halle said this was the first soundtrack that it was all women soundtrack and not to mention black women so she was the first to do it so come on now give her her flowers everybody need to stop this bs it is what it is that might be the reason why BW‘s are being put on the back burner because this jealousy like this here is ridiculous why are you mad at the females because of the black men be mad at the black man you mad at the wrong people

  2. Lol Halle berry ain’t even nobody honestly. 🤷🏽‍♀️ idc what nobody say. Halle berry been washed up kz she dumb as summer walker with these men. Lol. Does she even listen to hip hop? Girl bye

  3. That's just her white side taking over. 🤣 The first female rappers, rnb singers are the queens of hiphop I dont think that was shade towards Nikki ppl assumed she was shading Nikki but it was definitely shade to someone from the older generation of hiphop.

  4. Foxy is my Queen of RAP H.E Cardi has accumulated more success in 4 yrs than any hueax has done in their entire Career. Queen of Hip hop is fitting for her Stop being bitter!

  5. Cardi B has fake fans seriously… They don't vote for their favourite Artists yet they run their month talking about Cardi B is the Queen of Hip hop and Im sure most of them they be listening to Nicki minaj song they are all talk no action kinda fans. Now the difference between them and the Barbz is that the Barbz they all about action getting things done and they're definitely don't give fake support to Nicki minaj🤞

  6. We need to be focused on making our communities better instead of this nonsense! Halle is able to voice her opinion! We say Black Lives Matter but why we can't embrace our positive. We should be applauding that these women can work together to make a wonderful project!! Make our lives count for the good instead of for a ball of confusion!!!

  7. How can you be the queen of hip hop but the majority of your songs are written for you? I’m just not understanding? Maybe the queen of ENTERTAINMENT but Queen of HipHop? Chile pleaszz

  8. Cardi B is the queen of hip-hop an i say that because she is all about women empowerment an so many other reasons. & so many other women are queens of HipHop as well for their own reasons 🥰

  9. Cardi must be eating her box like yung m.a. Halle please don’t make me drag you because I like you in Losing Isiah 😂 don’t ruin your legacy by buying into all this “queen of rap” foolery

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