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In the midst of a wave of attacks she has received and even accusations that involve her directly with the death of Octavio Ocana, Nerea Godinez She reveals that she is at peace and nothing they have said affects her, since she has even received some “visits” from whoever her fiancé was.

In an interview with the program ‘De Primera Mano’, the young woman confessed that it has not been easy at all to live the duel over the unfortunate and unexpected death of the actor who is remembered for his character of “Benito Rivers” in the series ‘Neighbors’, who According to the authorities, he lost his life after he accidentally operated his weapon.

And it is that, a few days after the first month of his departure, Nerea Godínez revealed that the young actor has already manifested himself more than once in what could be considered a paranormal experience, as he witnessed horrifying situations.

“Yes, he was already present, he opened doors for me, he threw things at me. Already, it was already present. Almost all of us have already been present ”.

Nerea Godinez

And although he assures that at first he was scared, he is reassured to know that it could be the great love of his life, with whom he had planned to arrive at the altar in December 2022.

At first yes (he was scared), but then I calmed down and said ok, it’s probably him“, He explained during the tribute in which they gave a posthumous recognition to Octavio Ocaña.

He also related that despite the difficult days that he has passed, he is trying to overcome and resume his daily activities together with Bertha, one of Octavio’s twin sisters, who has become a great company.

“I am well within my limits, I am trying to continue with my day to day, I go hand in hand a lot with Bertha we are in contact all the time, we see each other almost daily, that has helped me a lot, “he said.

This weekend, Nerea surprised her Instagram followers because she made the decision to cancel her accountIt has been difficult for her to face the fame that the actor’s death brought her, so she prefers to take her distance and continue with her life as normal as possible.

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