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Adamari Lopez He gives something to talk about again, this time not only because of his sudden departure from ‘Hoy Día’ after testing positive for COVID, but because of his drastic physical transformation that apparently is not to the liking of the driver Hector Sandarti, who shared his opinion on social networks causing tremendous controversy.

The new figure that Adamari López has achieved continues to attract the attention of the fans who accompany her every morning through the Telemundo screen, as well as the millions of followers she has conquered on social networks; And although it has not been an easy road, the actress and host does not hesitate to share the changes through her official Instagram page, where she has been seen happy while enjoying her new life.

And it was precisely in one of his last publications in which he was seen dancing that he caught the attention of at least 143 thousand users who applauded his attitude with a “like”, as well as a shower of messages in which he divided opinions, Well, while some praised her beauty, others Users highlighted that they are already beginning to worry about their drastic weight loss.

However, one of the comments that attracted the most attention was that of his friend, the driver Héctor Sandarti, who joined the petitions to stop losing more weight, arousing signs of all kinds.

Friend!!! You’re going to disappear!!! Don’t go down anymore!!! You are beautiful!!“, Sentenced Sandarti in the comments section.

As expected, the driver’s message caused the fury of some followers of the Puerto Rican because they assured that they were out of place since she looks spectacular, likewise, there was no shortage of those who called him reckless.

God what an out of place comment.“, “Don’t worry, it’s not going to disappear, it’s very beautiful, unwise comment“, “What you are is envious is beautiful and above all very healthy“, “What an out of place comment.“, “It is in bad taste to comment on things to people regarding their physical appearance, you should tell them in private, imprudent“, “If I were her friend, I would never talk to her like that.“Only some users responded to the Guatemalan comedian.

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