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in the last few months Adamari Lopez He has given a drastic physical change with which he gave a lot to talk about, because both in social networks and in the media they attributed his spectacular transformation to the separation with Toni Costa.

Since she lost more than 14 pounds, the Puerto Rican has remained strict in her healthy lifestyle, but now, her peers ask her to please not lose any more weight.

One of them was Héctor Sandarti, who in a publication by the host of “Today” he commented: “Friend!!! you will disappear!!! Don’t go down anymore!!! You are beautiful!!”.

Immediately, Adamari’s followers responded to the television host criticizing his comment because they considered it a little offensive towards the actress.

Héctor, I think your comment is not correct or in good taste, you think you know everything and it seems that you have not learned anything, let her know what she is doing and you can see that she is happy being and doing what she wants”, “these types of comments are made in private and more if they are friends, it also depends if she asked you”, they wrote to him.

However, other followers of the Puerto Rican supported Sandarti’s comment, assuring that she is already at the ideal weight and should not continue trying to lose it.

You are already at your ideal weight

And it is that for the tranquility of many, Adamari herself a few days ago through a video that she posted on her Facebook profile in which she was jogging around her house, confessed that she was already at her ideal weight and for that reason, now he just wants to stay in shape and not give in to his bad habits.

It is a matter of proposing it, I do not want to lose what I have achieved and I know that if I start to be sedentary, then I will probably return to the same habits that I had before and that is something that I will not allow“, Toni Costa’s ex-partner said in the audiovisual.

Likewise, she said that despite already being as she wanted, she will continue to work on her mind. “I will work hard with my mind and with my spirit to be able to achieve it. I already reached the weight I wanted”, he expressed.

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