Translated From: How Pedro Plascencia died, the only son of Carmen Salinas

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The only son of Carmelita Salinas died of cancer (Photo: Instagram @ carmensalinas_56)

Carmen Salinas has been characterized as one of the Mexican celebrities who always shares her experiences and opinions, including moments of success and dark experiences, such as the death of her son Pedro Plascencia.

Last year, through her YouTube channel, where the actress used to narrate the details of her life, she remembered her son Pedro 26 years after his death and spoke openly about what it was like for her to live such a painful moment as mother.

According to Carmelita, in 1956 she married Pedro Plascencia Ramírez, an outstanding pianist and composer. They were both completely in love and looking to start a family, so at 11 months they had their first child, Pedro Ernesto Plascencia Salinas.

The actress shared an image where Pedro is seen as a child (Photo: Instagram @ carmensalinas_56)

After their first child, the couple sought to have more, however, the actress lost about four pregnancies. All were abortions that did not go beyond the first months, but there was one, which she described as “the saddest” because it was in her womb for seven months.After many attempts, she had her first daughter.

Carmelita did everything for her children and tried to give them everything they needed. When Pedro was in his 30s, he began to have gastrointestinal problems. Salinas remembered that she saw how her son suffered a lot from heartburn and let him know, so she turned to one of her friends, who was also a doctor.

His friend would not have checked it and told him that his discomfort was probably due to the fact that he had not been dewormed, so he gave him many boxes with medicines necessary to deworm.

The actress remembered the occasion when she became a grandmother (Photo: Instagram @ carmensalinas_56)

“He took up to 30 deworming pills, when with one a year, cared for by a doctor, prescribed by a good doctor, they can remove the parasites that you bring in your stomach (…) I told him: ‘Go see a good gastroenterologist, go see a good doctor, ‘”said the actress from María la del barrio.

Despite Carmen’s advice to her son, he only drank milk and took medicines that he thought were good enough to reduce his heartburn.

Pedro’s condition worsened over time, as he began to suffer from pain in his back, chest and also had a very strong cough that caused discomfort in his throat and lungs. Finally, he went to be treated by a specialist doctor, but when he arrived at the hospital they admitted him in order to carry out various studies to find out what illness he had.

The first prognosis, without having done any study, was that it could be a virus that he had contracted on a trip to Alaska, but to verify it they had to perform a biopsy.

Pedro Plascencia Salinas died at the age of 37 (Photo: Twitter / @ carmensalinaslo)

After several days, they summoned the Salinas family to give them the results of the biopsy, which showed that he suffered from cancer. Upon receiving the news, the actress screamed in surprise and fell faint, because it was the same disease that took her two parents away.

Carmelita did everything for her son to be saved: she arrived at one of the best private hospitals in the country and there she asked the doctors to help Pedro, regardless of the cost of the treatments. Friends and family also did their best to support them, but to no avail.

Pedro Plascencia Salinas died at the age of 37 from lung cancer on April 19, 1994.

The health status of Carmen Salinas is currently critical. Her godson Jorge Nieto announced that the actress would have suffered irreversible brain damage after the stroke she suffered; he is still in a coma and is unlikely to wake up again.


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