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The world of Colombian entertainment, especially the team of “Yo soy Betty, la fea” is in mourning after the departure of Raúl Santa, actor who gave life to Efraín Rodríguez Merchán or also known as Pupuchurro for the romance he maintained in the hit telenovela with Jenny García, the popular ‘Pupuchurra’.

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The death of the renowned actor, which occurred on November 15, 2021, left the artistic medium and his colleagues dismayed, who used their social networks to say goodbye to their colleague.

Given the shock caused by the news of his death, we tell you the reasons why the beloved actor ceased to exist.

Don Check in the middle of Sofía López, his ex-wife and mother of his two children, and Pupuchurra, her boyfriend love in “I am Betty, the ugly one” (Photo: RCN)


Raúl Santa ceased to exist on the afternoon of Monday, November 15, at his home in Quindío, although the causes of his death are unknown. A local media named Crónica del Quindío reported that the ‘Pupuchurro’ actor was fighting against a “painful disease”, which would have defeated him.

It is known that the actor, who gave life to ‘Don Check’ in the RCN Televisión novel, lived with his twin brother. Although he had retired from acting, he continued with some regional audiovisual projects that were broadcast on Telecafé.

“We left the Check, the famous Pupuchurro, the dear Raúl Santa. A hug to eternity dear old man! ”,“ May your sweet soul rest in peace ”,“ We ​​had a lot of fun ”,“ Raúl’s beautiful soul, have a good trip. Dear colleague, have a good trip ”, were some of the messages they wrote.

Raúl’s beautiful soul… have a good trip, dear companion. Good trip
We had a lot of fun.

– julio cesar herrera (@JULIOC_HERRERA) November 15, 2021


In the successful telenovela “Yo soy Betty, la fea”, Raúl Santa played Efraín Rodríguez Merchán ‘Don check’, who was married to Sofía López, one of Ecomoda’s secretaries and part of the ugly barracks. She lived very much in love with her husband until he decided to leave her for a younger woman: Jenny García, the ‘Pupuchurra’, who was an aspiring model.

This situation unleashed the woman’s anger, because every time she saw her ex-husband, she did not hesitate to demand the maintenance of her children, something that he had not fulfilled for some time when he decided to go with the girl.

The times we have seen him in fiction, Pupuchurro had many fights with Sofía for financial reasons, although the times he heard his ex-wife’s voice he got extremely nervous.

The day that Sofía decides to give Don Check a great scare for not paying support for his two children in “I am Betty, the ugly one” (Photo: RNC)


After participating in the series “Betty, la fea”, Raúl Santa participated in other soap operas such as: “Francisco, el Matemático”, “Los Reyes”, “Tiempo Final”, “Todos hates Bermúdez”, “La hipocondríaca”, “When you live with me” and “Beyond time.”

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