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Today we are forced to bring you one of those news that is typed with a tremendously bitter taste in the mouth, and that is that Alain Delon, legend of French cinema and protagonist of titles such as ‘El gatopardo’, ‘El silencio de un hombre’, ‘Death of a corrupt’, ‘The silence of a man’ or ‘In full sun’ —the list is practically endless—, has requested euthanasia at 86 years of age.

A dignified death for a legend

The news came out during an interview with Anthony Delon —son of the interpreter— with the media outlet RTL focused on the presentation of the autobiographical book ‘Entre perro y lobo’. In the conversation, Delon confirmed that, indeed, his father had asked him to organize his euthanasiashedding some light on the sad events leading up to this point.

“He asked me to organize this. Three months after my father’s stroke, we received the news that my mother had terminal pancreatic cancer. At that time and in the following months I felt an emptiness inside, anguish and fear. Suddenly, I felt that death was stalking me and I had the need to stop time. My father was very touched by all this.”

In 2021, Alain Delon, who suffered two strokes in 2019 with permanent sequelae, will expressed his opinion on dignified death in an interview with L’illustrégranted after the death of his wife Nathalie.

“I am in favor of a dignified death. First because I live in Switzerland, where euthanasia is legal, and also because I think it is the most logical and natural thing. A person has the right to leave in peace, without going through hospitals, injections and Getting older sucks and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

As a farewell, the actor has issued this single and, even so, emotional statement:

“I would like to thank everyone who has accompanied me over the years and given me great support. I hope that future actors can find in me an example not only for their work, but for their daily lives, between victories and defeats. Thank you, Alain Delon”.

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