Translated From: ‘I vomited 40 times’; Logan Paul reveals ordeal after quitting marijuana

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Mexico City / 04.01.2022 13:06:44

The last week of 2021 was the hardest and most stormy of the year for Logan Paul, youtuber and American boxer, as he revealed that he decided to quit marijuana in the middle of December 24, a fact that caused him negative withdrawal symptoms, including a period where he vomited more than 40 times.

Logan Paul generated great fame for his videos on YouTube but now he has made his way into professional boxing, where in his short career he has already measured Floyd Mayweather and looks for Canelo Álvarez, a fact that would give him a huge boost.

Logan Paul’s withdrawal from marijuana

Through his Instagram account, the American revealed that he gave up marijuana at the end of 2021, a fact that brought him a bad Christmas and New Year, as the withdrawal syndrome hit him very hard, causing effects that ‘damaged’ him and not they allowed him to enjoy the festivities.

“I have had a rather unpleasant withdrawal syndrome (loss of appetite, insomnia, extreme irritability) … By far the hardest week of 2021 for me,” said the boxer.

As if this were not enough, Logan Paul got so sick to his stomach from quitting marijuana that he had a strong intoxication, which led him to vomit more than 40 times, almost reaching the hospital and not going to a Christmas party with his friends .

“I got food poisoning (which was weird because all I ate was a little croissant and a latte in the morning). I threw up over 40 times and spent the night sweating in bed,” said Logan Paul.

The American fighter confessed that he called an ambulance because he was dehydrated but when he learned that they would take him to the hospital, he “sent them flying”; He wanted to go to the party with his friends, but when he walked a few streets, he realized that he was wrong and he vomited 5 more times. This is the third year in a row that he has not celebrated the end of the year due to illness.

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