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MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- Thirteen days after his death in confusing circumstances, the girlfriend of Octavio Ocana, Nerea Godinez It exploded against a psychic who allegedly related it to the death of the interpreter of ‘Benito’, in the comedy series ‘Neighbors’.

Through a video that she published on her social networks, the young woman wanted to clarify the situation and stop the attacks against her by followers and people who have ‘bad faith’ in her.

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In the comfort of her bed, covered with a blanket and apparently without clothes on, Godínez aroused more criticism from internet users when she was accused of seeking fame through the tragedy that claimed the actor’s life.

“I do not want them to continue bombing and attacking, this issue with whoever that person is, the cat this seer, has already reached my limit. I want them to know that he has me blocked, I learned all this information not from the photo that I just took. go up, but for my family, my friends who saw it, “he began by saying in the recording.

However, the Ocaña couple insisted that if what the person said was true, they would not have blocked it from their social profiles. In addition, she called on all her followers “not to believe in all that crap that they take out and invent” around her and the unfortunate death of the Mexican artist.

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“I was not to blame for anything, I do not have bad friends … it bothers me, they have already reached a point where it bothers me because I did not ask for this, I did not ask for people to start following me out of nowhere, my profile It was always public, I am not someone who made it public when she began to see applications, I always had it public ”, Nerea commented regarding the wave of people who began to follow her on her social accounts after the death of ‘Benito’.

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Goodbye, social networks!

After the strong criticism where they ask “dress, values, education” and even “prudence”, Nerea He assured that he will stay away from social networks for a while.

“Ridiculous, did you really need to make the video? Or why the outfit?” Were some of the many comments left after the publication.

However, despite the ‘hate’ received, the young woman asked Internet users to stop spreading false ideas about the pain that she and Octavio’s family are experiencing.

“I ask you please to stop sharing what this person says that I do not know if it is a man or a woman because it bothered me; they are already uploading it to Facebook, to the page that you made for Justice for Ocaña”, Godínez stressed.

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