Source: "I WILL END YOU" Camille Vasquez EXPOSE Amber Heard TMZ SLIP UP

Camille Vasquez Grilled Amber heard for leaking the location and time she filed a restraining order against Johnny to TMZ and EXPOSED her for LEAKING a drunk Johnny Depp video to gain public support proving Amber’s divorce from Johnny was all along Amber’s plan

Amber Heard is done after this one. No way Johnny Depp loses after Amber Heard admitting a few years back that TMZ was alerted before the divorce between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp was ever public announced. Amber Heard defense can’t possibly tackle this one. And Amber Heard lawyers in fact did not yet…

The moment Amber Heard LOST – Cross Examination

Johnny Depp Trial: Amber Heard Cross-Examination Ends (Highlights)

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29 thoughts on “"I WILL END YOU" Camille Vasquez EXPOSE Amber Heard TMZ SLIP UP

  1. She got the divorce, money 7 million, I think but wasn’t enough for her. They agreed not to talk about it ever again but she tried to destroy him went everywhere from media to newspapers talkin about him. Im glad it backfired on her lying & drama not good at all. She wanted to sue him for $100 millions by lying & drama. Liar liar hope she gets locked 🔒 up

  2. Great job! Great video! Well explaines!👍

    If AH's words are trust worthy, her s**t (beep) can be served on the dining table. This is what this video inspired me.

  3. I'm all for women or men who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence to come forward but be warned there are major consequences if your lying like the Turd I hope they send this to btch to prison

  4. The majority of people knows she has abused Johnny and is a liar, she knows most knows the truth but she keeps on lieing! A real victim does not mimick their abusers hair or clothing! She is a very sick individual!!

  5. 💯 Amber Heard is guilty 💯 Amber Heard done all this for her self in hopes she’d become more famous than Johnny Depp . This was Amber Heard’s intentions along…. Amber be witched Johnny Depp started dating Johnny Depp, Amber was still unknown to the public. Amber Heard would go to big celebrity events that she was never invited to before Johnny Depp., Amber Heard would go & thought she’d over shadow Johnny Depp, & everyone would be interested in who she was but that didn’t happen, & the media & fans screaming & chanted Johnny Depp Johnny Depp, Amber Heard got mad & started hating & becoming obsessively jealous of Johnny Depp & his career & success & Johnnys millions trillions of Fans… Amber Heard wanted Johnny to help make her famous & just as famous as he is, so Johnny did help & Johnny pay Warner Brothers, for Amber the roll of Mira in upcoming movie Aqua-man. They tryed to make it work with Amber As Mira, Amber clearly can’t act… & there was no connection or chemistry between Amber & Jason… After the movie aired, Amber was over looked & over shadowed by Jason Momoa & that was a plus, because Jason Momoa was the only reason that movie was a success & not many viewers noticed how bad of an actress Amber Heard is… Aqua-man comes out & Amber Heard still wasn’t famous, So That’s when Amber Heard came up with her own plan to become famous, to become this big movie star, & that was to lie & destroy Johnny Depp In hopes to get what Ambers being so thirsty for & that was to become famous…. Amber Heard was so jealous over Johnny Depp she was doing everything in her power to leak out bad press on Johnny Depp a little at a time, Amber was trying to make Johnny believe it was everyone from his team leaking out info… Amber Heard got so bad off doing Johnny Depp dirty but trying to act innocent & put the plan on everyone else, trying to keep Johnny from everybody even his kids. That’s how sick & twisted Amber Heard is…. The most dangerous toxic Jezebel gold digger, fame hungry narcissistic corrupt liar Jezebel…. Amber Heard really thought her fake setup evidence would be believable & her crazy off the wall stories, her fake painted on bruises & her video Amber her self leaked to TMZ . Amber Heard thought this will make me more famous than Johnny Depp , everyone will turn on Johnny & come to me, I’ll get better & bigger movie offers & I’ll get all Johnnys fans & I’ll get everything Johnny Depp owns & all his money, Amber thought she’d continue to live & keep Johnny Depp’s famous celebrity life style. Amber Turd Heard thought it would all become hers…. Amber thought Johnny Depp’s fans would become her fans & Amber thought she’d be hearing her name been Screamed & chanted, Amber would get invites to all the A list celebrity parties & special events & etc…. But it backfired didn’t it Amber Turd Heard…. Karma is a bit€h, you can only do wrong for so long before it comes back & knocks you flat of your back, & that’s just what happened didn’t it Amber Turd Heard…. Let this be a lesson learned….. only way Amber Turd will learn a lesson is for Amber to go to jail for what she did to Johnny Depp …. & yes Amber we all agree with what you said in your love letter to Johnny Depp , “ That Johnny of all ppl didn’t deserve what you done to him” Johnny Depp is to good of a human being for anyone to take advantage of or use or do wrong…

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