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It is becoming increasingly difficult to follow the story of Mauro Icardi and Wanda nara. When it seems that things are clear, one of the two surprises posting a message that changes everything. Now, when it was said that the marriage would have started a divorce process, the forward of the Paris Saint-Germain He has surprised again with a message on social networks that makes the story take a new course.

It’s been three weeks since the scandal between marriage. The Argentine businesswoman, who is also a representative of her husband, discovered a infidelity of the footballer with the actress Eugenia Suarez, better known as China Suárez. As Wanda said a week later in a text posted on Instagram, He asked Icardi for a divorce for several days until, finally, after reading a letter from him, she decided forgive him.

But a few days ago, the Argentine ‘influencer’ would have decided to go ahead with the separation after discover new details about infidelity of her husband. Specifically, Wanda would have had access to an email with information about the meeting between the footballer and the actress in Paris, as reported this week from the program ‘The angels of the morning‘.

In fact, the businesswoman stopped following again to the front and eliminated of his profile the publication in which he announced the reconciliation. In addition, he also surprised by sharing in Instagram stories a photo with his ex Maxi Lopez.

Mauro Icardi denies that there is a divorce process with several messages on social networks

Well, it seems that marriage a chance has been given again. Or at least that is what Icardi has implied with his latest posts on Instagram. Specifically, the footballer surprised Saturday night by sharing a very clear message in ‘stories’: “Get used to winning in silence and let the world think that you are losing”.

The message that Mauro Icardi has shared and that once again calls into question the divorce of Wanda Nara.


But there is still more, since hours later he shared another message on Instagram with which he would be denying that there is a divorce process started. Along with a photograph in which he appears holding a bottle of beer, the Argentine soccer player wrote the following message: “How nice to come home after a game and have your wife wait for you awake, pile her up and have a very cold one”.

Mauro Icardi once again questions the divorce with Wanda Nara.


On the other hand, to these two publications that once again dismantle everything that was believed about the marriage situation you have to add another photograph that Icardi also shared this Saturday on his profile. In it he appears with his still wife. “I love you“, wrote the footballer.

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