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Simon Kinberg at a premiere of The Twilight Zone Photo: VALERIE MACON / AFP (Getty Images)

Did you know that Apple TV + has released a new science fiction series called Invasion? If its creator, Simon Kinberg, had convinced Apple to carry out his ambitious idea to promote the series, you would know.

Kinberg, known for his work on the X-Men movies, revealed to Newsweek that he had tried to leverage Apple’s global reach to promote Invasion, but his idea had been rejected by the company.

“My dream for marketing,” said the screenwriter in a meeting with Apple, “is that, at a certain point, you could make all your devices, I think there are 2 billion devices around the world, just turn off for 15 seconds.”

Kinberg wanted to spread panic on a grand scale, like Orson Welles when he broadcast his adaptation of The War of the Worlds on Halloween in 1938 on the radio, but rendering every iPhone in the world useless for a few seconds instead of announcing an alien invasion over the air. radio.

Logically, Apple rejected the idea. “They said, ‘Yeah, we’re not going to do that,'” Kinberg explained. “We’re not going to sabotage our biggest business, which is our products. ‘ And that was the end of the idea.

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Despite this refusal, Kinberg is full of praise for Apple. “[Esta serie] It is not based on books or any pre-existing intellectual property, so the leap of faith they took was incredible, ”he said.

Invasion follows the arrival of an alien species on Earth from the perspective of five people in different parts of the world. It stars Sam Neill, Golshifteh Farahani, Shamier Anderson, and Shioli Kutsuna. The first season airs weekly on Apple TV +.

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