Translated From: Isabel Torres, protagonist of La Veneno, says goodbye in her networks

Discovered on: 2021-11-17 20:54:57

“The doctors have given me two months to live”: Isabel Torres, protagonist of La Veneno, says goodbye in her networks

“It’s the last video I’m going to make.” This is what the actress Isabel Torres said to her followers of the social network Instagram. The Spanish woman’s message was given because the doctors informed her that the lung cancer that had affected her since 2018 metastasized to the bones.

Torres, 52, is recognized for her starring role as Cristina Ortiz as an adult in the HBO Max series La Veneno. His career was also known for his appearances on the programs DEC, Channel N ° 4 and We go pa ‘la playa.

“They have given me two months to live. We’ll see; If I get over it, fine. If I don’t get over it, what are we going to do? They don’t know what hurts me; The pain is the worst thing I have, but it is what it is, ”Torres said in the Instagram video.

And he added: “If I get out of this, I will reconnect. And if I don’t go out, it has been a pleasure to meet you, be with you and live this beautiful experience called life. I send you a huge kiss. Take good care of yourselves and see you soon, God willing. If not, we’ll see you in heaven. “

The actress is also remembered in her country for becoming the first transsexual candidate for the Carnival Reign of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Since then he has been involved in activism in the LGBTI + community.

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