Translated From: “I’ve been dealing with this for 30 years”

Discovered on: 2022-04-24 07:37:30

A new edition of ‘Unexpected Encounters’ He received four familiar faces this Thursday to discuss happiness and mental health. Yolanda Ramos, Inigo Errejon, Anne Igartiburu and the writer Josef Ajram were Mamen Mendizábal’s guests to talk about the help from experts and coaches in managing emotions.

In relation to the central theme of the program, Igartiburu had an expert opinion, that she is an emotional coach, something that the presenter revealed when she confessed that she herself asked him for help a “time when I needed a change”.

“That’s what coaches are for. The word means that, the transport that takes you from a place where you are to a desired place, and it’s not exactly psychological or psychiatric help, but an accompaniment with tools,” said Anne Igartiburu, in addition to revealing that she herself needed the help of one. “I have had a coach for that, to try to manage the person and person issue,” he confessed, before Mamen pointed out: “That is, Anne the one on TV and Anne the real one. The blonde character on TV.”

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Anne nodded and acknowledged that “I am now 53 years old, but I’ve been dealing with this for 30 sticks”, recalled the Basque. “That feeling that my friends don’t watch my show, it’s not what… But at the same time I feel comfortable doing TV, putting myself in front of a camera.”

“When you expose yourself on TV and you have millions of people watching you, at the end, and at the beginning, there is a picture about you that is founded,” he explained. “And it is also free, because we all have an opinion and a vision of who we have in front of us. But when you expand so much, you think: ‘Who am I really?'”reflected Anne, who put everyone in agreement after her intervention.

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