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When Jack Nicholson was 37 years old he discovered the truth about his origin and only then did he understand where his free spirit and need to conquer the screens came from. His life had been a complete lie, although he had to become a consecrated Hollywood actor to just unravel the secret most closely guarded by his family.

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Jack Nicholson knew how to build an impeccable career as an actor thanks to his versatility and talent. He is recognized for playing a wide variety of characters, as a protagonist or as a supporting actor: from comedians or romantics to psychopaths, disturbed or villains.

As he told on some occasion, the love for acting was always running through his veins. Since he was little he dreamed of being a great actor, what he did not imagine is that many years later his dream would come true and that he would become a star in the film industry. Reaching adulthood would not only make him famous, but also discover a great family secret: his sister was actually his real mother.

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Jack Nicholson learned at age 37 that his sister was actually his real mother. The actor always believed that Ethel May and John Nicholson were his parents, but they were not, they were his grandparents and his mother was his sister June.

The first doubtful situation about his life history occurred in 1954 when he wanted to get his driving license, at that moment he learned that he did not have a birth certificate. The actor was given a provisional certificate stating that he was born on April 22, 1937.

Ethel May – his supposed mother – presented a voucher indicating the place where Jack was born. Then they gave him the card and the matter was closed.

Some time after this, the lady died. June Nicholson, who Jack thought was his older sister, also passed away in 1963. Years later, when Jack Nicholson was 37 years old, he discovered the truth: they told him that June, in fact, was his mother, but that he had never been able to say it because of what they will say.

Jack Nicholson is a retired American actor, producer, screenwriter and film director (Photo: Getty Images)

It turns out that at 17, June became pregnant with Jack and was not sure who the father was. To avoid the gossip, June’s parents raised their son as their own without ever revealing the truth; But the truth came out

When the protagonists of the story died, the one who revealed their true identity to him was his sister Lorraine, actually his aunt, who, when her mother and sister died, felt the need to reveal the truth to Jack.

Other relatives of Jack Nicholson also knew the truth, but had not spoken before because there was a pact that could not be broken until the actor finally found out about everything.

Upon learning the whole truth, the actor also kept the secret to himself until the information came to light thanks to a rigorous investigation by a Time magazine journalist.

“If June or Ethel had had less character, I would never have lived. Those women gave me the gift of life. They trained me well. To this day I have not borrowed a nickel from anyone and I have never believed that I cannot take care of myself. They made my self-reliance imperative, “Nicholson said in a 1984 interview with” Rolling Stone “magazine.

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