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Jacqueline bracamontes is in Israel to conduct the contest of Miss Universe, the 70th edition of the competition, for Telemundo, with the actor and recent judge of Así se Baila: Cristian de la Fuente. And remember that the Miss Universe that will be broadcast live from Eilat, Israel, this Sunday, December 12, starting at 3pm Eastern / 2pm Central / 1pm Pacific.

For the actress, model and television host, being in this contest as a host is not new, after she left the acting world she has established herself as one of the best Spanish-speaking television conductors. Although she had her return to the small screen in “La Suerte de Loli”, along with Silvia Navarro, during this 2021. However, beyond this fact, at present her role as a television host is what has enshrined her in television in recent years.

Now exclusively for El Diario de Nueva York, Jacky tells us how they are preparing together with Cristian de la Fuente for the conduct of this event, how they are facing the time change, and how much they manage to see Adamari López and so on. more details.

Jacky, thank God this has been a year of a lot of work and many successes for you: you returned to soap operas and you have had the leadership of great projects in your power. How do you feel knowing all this, being now and again in the Miss Universe?

Jacky: Grateful. Happy. Blessed. Very happy to be part of the Telemundo family. To have the fortune of being in charge of these beautiful projects, which are so special to me. In the case of acting, I had been without acting for a long time, and it was my dream to return with a project like this. And Loli’s Luck was a gift of life, and I hope more will come. And on the other hand, imagine “Así se Baila”, “Latin AMA´S”, and now again Miss Universe, they are projects that I am in love with. It could be called like I’m not working. It is something that I love so much, that for me it is not even work. I can’t say anything other than very grateful.

The Miss Universe in Israel! How about the time change for you there?

Jacky: Yes, when they told me it was going to be in Israel, I couldn’t believe it, because I’ve never had to come here. I have not had the chance to know much, but little: divine people. Spectacular people. It has been a very nice experience. The time change is seven hours different from Miami. So on the one hand it has cost me work, but on the other I do not want to get used to it so much because the Miss Universe is going to touch us here at dawn, to be able to leave at a normal hour there in Miami. I try to fall asleep very late, but then when I get rehearsals early that’s the problem, I come in yawning. But it doesn’t matter, it’s part of the job.

How are you preparing to host this great beauty event?

Jacky: We are precisely preparing by rehearsing a lot, we already had the script read, we were already at the event site, rehearsing where we are going to position ourselves. Test with cameras. I have always said that this is one of the most difficult projects that I have had to lead, because we are not keeping pace, we are following the driving in English, it is a simultaneous translation of what Steve Harvey is going to be saying. The truth is not easy at all, but we are putting all the desire to make it go super, super good.

Together with Adamari López they were sharing in the production of Así se Baila and now the three -with Cristian de la Fuente- are there, preparing for different roles, yes, but what happened when they found out that after Así se Baila they would be together, in a new project, even if it is for a shorter period of time?

Jacky: Well, Cristian and I already knew for a long time, almost, almost from the beginning of Así se Baila, they told us that we were going to be the conductors of the Miss Universe, so we already knew and were very happy. But the Adamari thing was already closer to the end, so we celebrated a lot and we knew that Carlitos Adrián was going to be here, and only Mariana is missing, to have the perfect Así se Baila team, but hey, it wasn’t her turn. Besides, Mariana wanted to be close to her family, so things happen for a reason. But very happy. Adamari we have hardly seen her because they bring her VIP as a jury, in other activities of ours, but the few times we have seen her we have shared with her, with great pleasure. We have had dinner, we have talked, we shared experiences. Well, grateful that these almost all, the family of Así se Baila, here in Israel.

It should be noted that all those who want to follow the competition more closely, can do so through, there they can continue voting for their favorite candidate, in addition to obtaining access to exclusive content from behind the scenes with interviews, in addition to be able to access and appreciate a gallery of photographs of the participants.

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