Translated From: Jacqie Rivera now has control of two Jenni Rivera companies

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Jacqie Rivera spoke for the first time about the situation that the Rivera family is going through a few months ago (Photo: @ jacqierivera / Instagram)

Jacqie Rivera is the second daughter of Jenni Rivera, after her aunt Rosie resigned from running the companies of La Diva de la Banda, the young woman assumed the responsibility of running two of the singer’s companies.

It was through a press release that he announced his new position:

“On behalf of my four siblings, I am excited to assume the role of CEO of these two companies to preserve the legacy and reputation (as well as grow) of these two businesses that my mother left in the hands of my Aunt Rosie and now to me, ”he wrote in the statement.

Just as Jacqie Rivera announced that she took the direction of two companies (Photo: Jenni Rivera Entrerprises)

In her text, Jacqie said she was “eager to start” directing, as this represents a generational change in the legacy left by her mother. He also noted that he is confident that Jenni Rivera’s companies will “embark” on exciting new business opportunities.

He also recognized the hard work that his aunt, Rosie Rivera, did in managing the companies of the interpreter of The Great Lady, who died on December 9, 2012.

Jacqie and Chiquis Rivera (Photo: Instagram / @ jacqierivera)

“I am grateful for the efforts that my aunt made on our behalf after our mother passed away to honor her wishes and address our financial and emotional needs for the past 9 years. She served her dual roles with pride and integrity. ”He wrote in the press release.

Regarding the legal situation that allowed the change of address, Jacqie mentioned that an audit was carried out and that there was no “crime, misappropriation or theft of trust funds by Rosie acting as trustee”, since apparently several versions They claimed that there was some kind of irregularity.

Within the text, the daughter of the popular singer expressed her thoughts on the work done by Rosie: “The beneficiaries and I wish our Aunt Rosie the best of luck in all her new endeavors and we hope that our efforts in the future will do that both she and her mother feel proud of us ”.

Rosie was Jenni Rivera’s executor (Photo: @rosierivera, @ jennirivera / Instagram)

On the other hand and by way of farewell, Rosie’s words also appeared in the notice. They also had the objective of directing and wishing the new director of the companies success.

“I thank God and my sister for entrusting me with her legacy. It has been a privilege and an honor. My sister is worth the weight of these last 9 years and more, but I am happy to pass the baton. I will continue to pray for Jacqie as she assumes this role and to encourage my sister and nephews, ”said Jacqie’s aunt.

It was in May 2021 when Rosie Rivera revealed that she had been preparing her resignation for years as the person who is in charge of managing her sister’s assets, the singer Jenni Rivera, as she assured no longer to bear so much hatred, lawsuits and mistakes that were put into her his hands to the death of the interpreter of The Great Lady.

The Rivera family got involved in various controversies (Photo: M. Tulia Pèrez Bocanegra / Cuartoscuro)

“I am thrown, overnight, into the public, and I am no longer free, because I can no longer be me, because I have all eyes on me, ‘How are you handling the money?’, ‘How are you running business? ‘ ‘how are the kids?’. And then, unintentionally, they treated me as if I were the executor of the entire Rivera family. “

After his resignation, a great controversy broke out that involved almost all the members of the family, but he always starred as the executor of Jenni’s inheritance because he resigned and began an audit that would investigate his work in the JRE company in his almost 10 years of directing it.

Through her Instagram and YouTube account, the youngest of the “Diva de la Banda” siblings announced that she was preparing to do an acting casting through a video that she had to record.


Rosie Rivera burst into tears when talking about the audit that her nephews started against her “I long to be free”: Rosie Rivera resigned to continue being the head of the legacy of her sister Jenni Rivera Rosie Rivera broke into tears when talking about the audit that began her nephews against her

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