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All eyes were on them for the Monaco National Day celebrations and in his new public appearance, again without the company of his mother. But what we did not expect is that they would pay him this public tribute. Jacques and Gabriella have dedicated love posters to Charlène from the balcony of the Prince’s Palace as a way to remember her and give her strength in her recovery. “We miss you, mom”, “We love you, mommy”, they wrote with many hearts. We are in tears!

Despite not being accompanied by the princess on such an important day for the country, the twins are they have been very sheltered by their aunts. Carolina and Estefanía have been watching over them at all times, acting as fake moms in the absence of their sister-in-law. For the first time, the first lady missed the traditional Thanksgiving mass, although as we have seen it has been very present at all times. And not only in the memory of his children … The bishop who has officiated the ceremony has also dedicated some words asking for his speedy recovery. Words that have not only been endorsed by her husband with a slight nod, but by many of the Monegasques who followed the trade on Facebook and who have not hesitated to write messages wishing the princess courage and strength.

Carolina de Monaco, with Jacques. (EFE / Pool / Eric Gaillard)

Without a doubt, the most affected by Charlène’s situation are her little ones and, as we have seen, they always have their mother in mind. Although, as usual, Gabriella and Jacques have not attended mass, they have later joined the Grimaldi for the traditional posing and the subsequent military parade. The girl, dressed in a little pink coat and a woolen beret with flowers and network of the firm Monna Lisa, did not let go of the hand of his aunt Estefanía.

Her brother, like a little man in his military uniform, was closely watched by Carolina at the foot of the steps. Already on the balcony they have reappeared accompanied by their father, Prince Albert, with the lovely little signs for her mother. They have also been joined by their cousins: Raphaël, the son of Carlota and Gad Emmaleh: Sasha and India, the elders of Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santodomingo; and Stefano, Francesco and Max, children of Pierre and Beatrice. The latter was in the arms of his proud grandmother … Balthazar, the smallest of the clan.

Children of the Grimaldi family on the balcony of the palace. (Reuters / Eric Gaillard)

Although this year we have not been able to enjoy the presence of Charlène on the balcony of the Prince’s Palace, she did not want to forget the big day of her adopted country. He has done it with a tribute through their social networks. “Thanks and love to Monaco. To the beautiful country and to all the people of Monaco. God bless you, “wrote the princess next to a waving flag of the country in what has meant a virtual comeback.

The latest news regarding his condition and also his residence fill the Principality with unease. There were rumors that Charlene was not installed in the marital residence and has been himself Alberto de Monaco who has confirmed it in an interview for ‘Monaco Matin’, although he has not given much more information. “It is not in the principality, but we will be able to visit it very soon. I can not say more for discretion, “he said. The theory of the supposed two-room apartment near the palace that, according to his sister-in-law, he would have rented to settle in loses force before the declarations of the sovereign, who insists that this issue is “strictly confidential in order to protect the comfort and privacy of his recovery ”.

Estefanía and Gabriella, hand in hand. (Eric Gaillard / Pool / EFE)

Regarding his convalescence, Alberto wanted to be a little more explicit, making it clear that the aftermath of his wife’s illness they have an important scope. “He is better, but he still needs rest and peace. There is fatigue, not just physical, which can only be treated with a period of rest and follow-up ”. Based on these explanations, we understand that Jacques and Gabriella they are still unable to be 100% with their mother, having been separated for more than six months while she was in South Africa.

It was precisely this what has affected the princess the most, that he has missed them a lot, and it seems that after his return to the Principality the distance continues. However, they have their father who is very present, now more than ever. “The way they grow helps them perceive the world. If one of the parents is absent for medical reasons it is necessary that the other parent is there”, He confessed in the aforementioned interview.

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