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The 24-year-old took her Twitter account at dawn on Sunday, January 9, to make public the alleged threat she received from the youngest of her late mother’s siblings.

Jenicka López accuses her uncle Juan Rivera of threatening her

Chiquis said that Rosie was aware of this “robbery” and that “she was not honest” with the matter. In addition, she aired that both she and her other uncle, Juan Rivera, demand a large payment from them for the work that both have done in Jenni Rivera’s companies.

But the situation has escalated to new levels after a tweet Jenicka López posted accusing her uncle Juan.

“So you know, if something happens to my family and me, my sister and us, Brenda and Juan Rivera threatened us tonight,” he wrote in English. Then he posted another message that read: “Another manipulative phone call to add to the log book.”

Until noon on Sunday 9, Juan Rivera had not reacted to the message from his niece.

“We told them to leave”: Jenicka López talks about the conflict with her uncles

Before she published the tweet in which she accused her uncle of allegedly threatening her, Jenicka López addressed in that social network the conflict that has been unleashed as a result of the audit of her mother’s fortune and the accusation that her sister Chiquis did Juan and Rosie Rivera.

“On the subject of cousins, yes, Juan and Rosie worked for years and sacrificed the personal time of their own families, it is recognized,” Jenicka wrote in the early morning of January 8.

“But also, on countless occasions, meetings, group talks, etc., we told them to go and be with their children,” warned Chiquis and Jacqie Rivera’s half-sister.

“We helped countless (times) because it was family. Now, if Juan and Rosie chose to keep their jobs and continue doing what they chose to do, that was in them. But we offered and gave our hearts as much as we could,” the young woman alleged.

Jenni Rivera’s youngest daughter assures that they helped their uncles to be with their families

In more tweets, Jenicka López insisted that she and her siblings tried to help Rosie and Juan Rivera to be with their families because of the constant work they had in their mother’s companies, who died in a tragic plane crash in December. 2012.

“Whether they know this or not, I mean it from my heart, all 5 of us knew it. We really tried to get them back (with their families),” explained the daughter of ‘La Diva de la Banda’.

But in yet another message, she admitted that she, like Chiquis, decided to move away from her maternal family.

“I decided to leave the manipulative and harmful culture of my family a long time ago because it hurt. It hurt to leave them, but I needed to grow and know that they were not the things they told me, they did to me and I am grateful to have grown. I hope the same for them too. “, he asserted.

“Because staying somewhere that is harmful and hurtful because it’s your ‘family’ really sucks,” he claimed.

Jenicka, who was left without her mother at 15, said that she did everything possible so that the children of Rosie and Juan Rivera had them: “I love my cousins, although we are not on the same page, but as a girl that he does not have his two parents, he wanted nothing more than that they had theirs “.

Jenni Rivera had five children. The three oldest, Chiquis, Jacqie, and Michael were sired in her first marriage to José Trinidad Marín, to whom she was married between 1984 and 1992.

Then he had Jenicka and Johnny with Juan López. She was married to him from 1997 to 2003.

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