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But Aniston today enjoys an unattainable fame thanks to her work. While Friends launched her to stardom, Jennifer’s career has been buoyed by her constant film appearances and her return to television, with The Morning Show, puts her back on top. However, the subject of motherhood and love is a question in her life every time she sits down to chat with a reporter.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter he referred to it. “Am I still going to have twins? Am I still going to be a mother at 52?” She joked with the interviewer. Jennifer admits that she used to take the comments on a very personal level, but everything reaches its limit. “That belief of ‘Oh, she chose her career before having children’ … The funny thing is that no one has any idea why I don’t have them, what happens to me on a personal level, on a medical level, why can’t I … Can I have children? Nobody knows anything and before that was very painful, “admitted the actress.

The actress is tired of accusations from the press insisting that ‘it should be a mom’. (Allure Magazine)

Jennifer doesn’t have time to clear up rumors about her life. She preferred to dedicate herself fully to her profession doing what she likes the most and giving herself the luxury of accepting only those projects that imply a professional challenge. For this reason, she did not hesitate to refer to those women who have done the same as her and have not been demonized for not fulfilling “the wishes of the people”: Dolly Parton, for example, is one of them.

In addition, the actress added that fortunately for men, they are not pointed out in this cruel way. “They can marry as many times as they want and with younger women, whether they are twenty or thirty years old, but we women are not allowed that.”

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