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Jennifer Lawrence hadn’t walked a red carpet at a big event in two and a half years. The last time, in June 2019, was in Los Angeles and at the premiere of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which he was starring in. Now he’s done it again in New York, to present Don’t Look Up alongside stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep. And it has been a different and special red carpet for the actress, because for the first time she has shown her pregnancy in public.

It was last September that the news of Lawrence’s pregnancy broke. In October, some photographs of her walking in the middle of the street confirmed her condition, which she has never wanted to announce or comment on. And on Sunday, December 5, was definitely when the Oscar winner (four times nominated) walked her pregnancy. She did it dressed in a gold Dior design, length to the feet, with fringes and a cape.

At the premiere, where she posed with DiCaprio, Lawrence (31) avoided giving statements to the media about her pregnancy. However, he did speak about it in a recent interview with the Vanity Fair publication in its US edition, whose November issue he starred in, posing for its cover.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence at the premiere of ‘Don’t Look Up’ in New York on December 5, 2021.Jackie Brown / (GTRES)

Then, he explained that he did not intend to share anything about his future son with the outside world, much less with the press. “If I was at a dinner party and someone said to me: ‘Come on, you’re expecting a baby,’ I wasn’t going to say something like: ‘My God, I’m not going to talk about it, get away from me, psycho!’ But all my instincts want to protect her privacy for the rest of her life, as much as possible. I don’t want anyone to feel welcome to be a part of their existence. And I feel like that starts with not including it in this part of my work. “

In addition, in that same interview he also spoke about his recent marriage. The interpreter of The Hunger Games married Cooke Maroney, a well-known New York gallery owner, in October 2019 in a late 19th-century mansion located in Rhode Island, before some 150 guests. “I really enjoy going to the supermarket with him,” Lawrence said in that same interview. “I don’t know why, but it fills me with joy. I think maybe because it’s a metaphor for marriage: ‘Great, we have the list, this is what we need. Let’s work together and get this afternoon over with. ‘ And I always take one of those cooking magazines with me and he always gives me a little look like, ‘You’re not going to use it, when are you going to do any of that?’ And I say to him: ‘Yes, on Tuesday!’ And he’s always right, because I never do. “

Actors Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill and director Adam McKay at the world premiere of Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up” in New York on December 5, 2021. Jackie Brown / ( GTRES)

This new film in which he is now acting is his first project after his last adventure with the X-Men, and therefore after a two-year hiatus, although he has another three in preparation. Do not look above, which will premiere Netflix on December 24, is his new and long-awaited project, and of which he recently confessed that he recorded a drugged scene, after smoking marijuana. Her character in the film, Kate Dibiasky, was “really high,” she recounted at a press conference a few weeks ago, and she asked the director if she could put herself in the same situation: “And I replied: ‘Sure, you can get high. ”, He counted naturally. “Everybody messed with me [durante la escena]”, She explained,” I suppose it was because I was drugged. It was easy to get angry, “she commented with a laugh, explaining, to avoid suspicion, that” she was not pregnant at the time.

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